Everything about Proviron

1.What is Proviron? How does it work? 2. Proviron dosage
3.Proviron cycle 4.Proviron results
5.Proviron half-life 6.Proviron for cutting
7.Proviron for bulking 8.Proviron Benefits
9.Proviron reviews 10.Proviron for sale
11.Proviron for Bodybuilding –Summary


1. What is Proviron? How does it work? Buyaas

Proviron is a brand name for an androgen called Mesterolone. This is an oral drug that is not considered to be an anabolic steroid due to its low anabolic effects in the body. Actually, it’s deemed to possess zero androgenic effects. Proviron was developed in 1934 by Schering making it among the oldest manufactured and marketed steroids for therapeutic use.  The drug has been on the market with different brand names, but Proviron has remained dominant over the years. On the other hand, Proviron is still one of the most misunderstood steroids. You can buy the drug from various stores or order online on our website.

Proviron (1424-00-6) is a unique steroid that shares various potent similarities to Masteron (Drostanolone), Winstrol and Anavar to some degree. In terms of its performance, Proviron cannot be used to promote massive muscle mass buildups, but it makes an essential supplement in bodybuilding training. That said, Proviron is mostly used in cutting cycles by many bodybuilders and athletes. In the therapeutic world, Proviron is among the most used steroid in modern medicine. However, Mesterolone since its development has never been approved for human consumption by the United States of America FDA.

The primary  Proviron use in the medical world is to treat androgenic deficiencies which mostly affects the old. The drug is also used as a fertility aid and pre-pubescent for men. This alone makes the Proviron a very useful steroid that provides positive effects in the human body. Although the drug is considered to be an old medication, it has stood the test of time, and over the years it has been a safe, and tolerable for many patients. Bodybuilders and other athletes also utilize the drug’s abilities to help them gain hard muscles and improve testosterone hormone levels. Testosterone hormone plays a vital role in helping athletes and bodybuilders in enhancing their performance.

Proviron is dihydrotestosterone derived anabolic steroid, and it is structurally altered DTH hormone with addition of methyl group with carbon on one position. This enables the hormone to survive the oral ingestion since it is protected from hepatic breakdown. Proviron is among the few oral anabolic steroids which are not C17-alpha alkylated, but in its place, it carries methyl group. Oral Primobolan is another well-known steroid with the same methyl group. Proviron has an androgenic rating of about 30 to 40 and anabolic rating ranging from 100-150. The evaluations were carried out in comparison with testosterone. Even though Proviron has a higher anabolic score than testosterone, it portrays shallow anabolic properties.

The most well-known Proviron benefit is its capability to act as anti-estrogen through its action as an aromatase inhibitor. The drug’s aromatase inhibitor strength can be compared to that of Arimidex, but it’s slightly lower. Proviron also has a high affinity for Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG), which is a protein that binds comfortably to the anabolic steroids in your bloodstream as well as rendering them inactive once they bound. Sustanon 250 Uses, Cycle, Dosage, Benefits, Reviews

Therefore, taking Proviron with other anabolic steroids enhances its activities and enables you to enjoy maximum results. The drug provides a pathway and an enabling environment through the mechanism mentioned above leaving more unbound and free testosterone to execute its duties.  For better results, it’s advisable for all users to undergo a medical checkup and involve a doctor in the whole process. No matter how the drug is effective, sometimes it might not work well with some people due to their health condition or complexity of the body systems.

2. Proviron dosage Buyaas

The Proviron dosage depends on the needs or reasons why you are taking it. Some users are advised to take low dosages while others must go for high dosages to realize the results.  For instance, in the medical world for treatment of insufficient androgenicity in the body, one 25mg Proviron tablet that should be taken a day thrice that means a total of 75 gm daily is the recommended dose. The dosage is then reduced late to 25mg per day to maintain the Proviron levels in the body. In the infertility treatment in men, the same dosage will be sufficient to deliver the expected results. However, you should allow your doctor to set the right dosages for your condition.

In bodybuilding and athletics, Proviron dosages are higher than when used in therapeutic purposes.  Here the dosages range from 50-150mgs per day for either controlling estrogen levels or for reducing water retention levels in the body. For a start, your doctor might advise you to go for lower doges which can be increased as you continue with your cycle. For hardcore users, only higher dosages will deliver the expected results. Proper workout and diet also play a vital role for any bodybuilder or athlete to experience maximum results.

Women athletes and bodybuilders also take advantage of this amazing drug, although it has not been approved for female use. For the female users, the drug delivers quality results, but it should be used in low dosages of 25mgs per day for a cycle ranging from 4 to 5 weeks. The high dosages in women can lead to the development of male characteristics such as muscles, the growth of beard and deepening of the voice. For sure, no woman even the athletes would like to develop such characters even if she’s focusing on having a successful career. In case of any adverse Proviron side effects, the doctor can reduce the dosages or terminate the cycle and find a tolerable drug for your health condition.

Just like when using other steroids, in case you notice any developments that you are not comfortable with, kindly notify your doctor in time. Sometimes even when you go for low dosages, you might end up experiencing severe side effects. It’s normal because human bodies are not alike and some are too complicated. To some users, the 25mg daily dose could be high, but your doctor can always find the right dosage for your needs. Female users should also use Proviron with a lot of care since some side effects cannot be reversed.

Everything you should know about Proviron for bodybuilding


3. Proviron cycle Buyaas

Proviron is not a typical anabolic steroid and has very weak anabolic effects on the human body; thus it’s not utilized in the form of cycles. Instead, the drug is used as a supplementary product or as an aide in other anabolic steroid cycles to reduce the mitigation estrogen effects in your body. Proviron is mostly used for its appealing effects to enhance the look or physique that every athlete or bodybuilders need. The cycles depend on the reason behind Proviron use. Patients taking the drug have short cycles while the bodybuilders stacking the drug with other anabolic steroids can have long cycles.

For instance, patients taking the drug to treat infertility or androgen insufficiency might be advised to take the dosage for a varying period. However, your doctor should set the right dosage and cycle after examining your condition. On the other hand, bodybuilders or athletes who are the hardcore Proviron users, their cycles range between 8 to 12 weeks. The new Proviron users in bodybuilding will start with an 8-week cycle before the doctor stretches it to 12 in the subsequent cycles.  In case, you are taking the drug with other anabolic steroids, raise all your concerns with your doctor before you start your cycles. Remember, to keep the dosage constant for better results. Taking different Proviron dosages can trigger adverse side effects which is the last thing any drug user can think of, every user focuses on the positive results. Therefore, you should always stick to the listed usage instructions that will help you experience maximum Proviron benefits.

Female Proviron users also have a short cycle on top of the low dosages. If you are a female athlete or bodybuilder, don’t take more than 25mg tablet daily, unless advised otherwise by your doctor. Female cycles are short and range between 4 to 5 weeks. This is because excess usage of Proviron in women can lead to virilization. Female athletes are encouraged to go for regular medical examination for easy monitoring of the Proviron levels in the body before, during and after completing the cycle.

4. Proviron results Buyaas

Proviron is a fantastic drug although some researchers such as A.T Kicman have declared it a weak steroid. However, when used properly, the drug correctly delivers excellent results to the users. Just like any other drug, Proviron provides both positive and negative effects depending on how you use it. Proviron has proven to be a potent steroid more so when used for therapeutic or bodybuilding purposes. However, to maximize the effects, you need to take the right dosage at the right time and accompany Proviron with the proper diet or workout for bodybuilding purposes. Here are some of the positive Proviron results.

Improve testosterone levels in the body

This drug has been used to increase testosterone hormone in the body. The hormone has various benefits such as improving muscle growth and enhancing men’s libido. Every man needs to have the hormone to aid the development of male characteristics like deepening voice, and growth of beards among others. Proviron, therefore, has unique features which makes it ideal and an excellent testosterone enhancer.  In normal circumstances, testosterone hormone is mostly inactive since it’s bound by albumin and Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG).  Proviron which has an excellent affinity for SHBG, when well-taken binds with the SHBG, thus providing the testosterone with enough freedom to execute its duties freely. For people with testosterone deficiency then Proviron is the best drug to use.

Enhance muscle density

Typically, Proviron increases testosterone activities as well as other steroids in your body. That means protein synthesis will be enhanced and in turn, improve the muscle growth. Estrogen becomes effective and active in your body only when protected from the estrogen receptors. Proviron is a potent drug when it comes to decreasing the estrogen receptors ability in your muscles, therefore, minimizing the amount of active estrogen. On the other hand, Proviron possesses an excellent affinity for aromatase enzyme which binds with testosterone as well as converting it into estrogen.

The moment, Proviron binds with an enzyme, it bars testosterone hormones from binding, thus decreasing the estrogen production levels. In turn, this activity results in a decrease in the water buildup in your body, thus providing a proper environment for your muscles to grow harder and leaner. Majority of the bodybuilders and athletes use Proviron to enhance their muscle growth more so when accompanied by proper diet and workouts. Proviron works well with other anabolic steroids, and you can include it in any steroid cycle for better results. Inform your doctor to help you find the right cycle and combination that will help you attain your desired results.

Treatment of impotence

Erectile dysfunction is a problem facing many men more so the aging ones since the levels of testosterone go down as one age. Proviron improves the levels of testosterone hormone in the body as well as providing it with an enabling environment to perform its duties properly. For men with impotence problems, Proviron has been a blessing. The drug has been excellent in the treatment of erectile problems in men.

Infertility Treatment

Infertility in men results from the sperm production problem. Although no one can explain the real mechanism of male infertility, medics have confirmed that sperm production depends highly on both androgens such as testosterone and gonadotropins which are responsible for stimulating sexual organs. In many cases, androgens have been used by medics to treat the infertility problems in men, but they frequently reduce the gonadotropin secretions which makes it ineffective for prompting sperm production. The Ultimate Guide to Stanozolol (Winstrol) for Bodybuilding

Proviron works by stimulating androgens in your body but has little effect on the gonadotropins. Currently, more researches need to be conducted to determine if the drug can also boost the gonadotropins. Proviron continues to be a popular drug in the treatment of male infertility.  Improved testosterone hormone levels in your body enhance your sexual ability and the fertility levels too. Contact your doctor for more information about Proviron in the treatment of infertility.

Proviron negative results

Almost all drugs have side effects which can be minor or severe sometimes more so when the drug is overdosed. Proviron also can expose you to various side effects, but you should inform your doctor in time. In some cases, proviron users might have allergies which can worsen the side effects. However, sticking to your doctor’s instructions could be the best way to control the Proviron’s side effects. Some of the common side effects include;

  • Increased sex drive more so in men who have no problems with their sex drive.
  • Fluid retention
  • Excessive hairiness
  • Premature puberty
  • Stunted growth
  • Can lead to virilization in women when taken in high dosages.

Everything you should know about Proviron for bodybuilding


5. Proviron half-life Buyaas

The drug has a half-life of about 12 hours. Which means after taking your right dosage, Proviron will remain active in your body for around 12 hours. Therefore, that’s the reason why the drug dosage is usually split two to three time to keep its levels constant in your body for better results. No matter what you need to achieve by taking Proviron, that doesn’t change the Proviron half-life.  For beginners, the dosage of 50mgs should be split into two and take two 25mg tablets twice a day. Proviron has a detection time of about 5-6 weeks which means when you go for a medical checkup within that period; the drug will still be available in your body. For athletes that participate in competitions that don’t allow the use of this drug or other steroids, it’s good to do a proper timing, to avoid ruining your career. Bodybuilders have no problem, and can use the drug comfortably any time and achieve their expected goals after finishing their dosage cycles.

6. Proviron for cutting Buyaas

For many years now athletes and bodybuilders have been using Proviron to help them in their cutting and bulking cycles. The drug increases the androgen levels while decreasing the estrogen levels in your body. Proviron cutting increases protein synthesis as well as allowing the testosterone hormones to work freely. The excessive body fats can deny you muscle leanness and hardness you desire as a bodybuilder.

However, including Proviron in your cutting cycle, is the most fabulous idea towards achieving your goals. With proper workout and diet, you will eventually, develop hard and lean muscles. Cutting the excess body fats in your body helps in realizing the hard and lean muscles by the end of your cycle. Majority of the anabolic steroids on the market are useful in helping you gain some muscles or pounds, but for cutting cycles, you need to include Proviron in your dosages cycle. Contact your doctor to assist you in designing the right cycle for your needs.

7. Proviron for bulking Buyaas

Here you aim at adding some pounds in your body and be able to compete effectively. Proviron bulking is a well-known drug that can be stacked with various anabolic steroids to deliver quality and impressive results. Therefore, when used alone, the drug can be useless for a bodybuilder who wants to develop hard and lean muscles as well as add some pounds. Stacking Proviron with other steroids is the best idea ever since it works correctly with almost all anabolic steroids. You can include in your dosage at least 50mgs per day throughout your bulking cycle.

Proper diet and workouts will also play an essential here, for you to gain the weight you need. Being an oral drug you will have to use it daily, but it will work well with other injectable anabolic steroids. Although many bodybuilders have included Proviron in their cutting cycles, it can also deliver excellent results when involved in the bulking cycles. Some of the athletes report quality results after incorporating Proviron in their bulking cycles, meaning it delivers once appropriately stacked. Always talk to your doctor to design for you best cycle and dosage for better Proviron bulking results.

8. Proviron Benefits Buyaas

Proviron delivers quality results to all its users and presents various benefits both in the bodybuilding and medical world. According to different scientific studies and customer reviews, it’s clear that the drug has been beneficial in many ways. Proviron ability to increase the testosterone and other anabolic steroids potency are what stands out for many users. For steroid users who are not comfortable with regular injections, Proviron offers the effects you need through an oral dosage. Here are some of the significant Proviron benefits;


Since its first existence in 1934, Proviron has been an excellent drug in the treatment of infertility and erectile dysfunction. Erectile problems are caused by low levels of testosterone hormone in the body. As mentioned earlier, testosterone deficiency is high in old age since these sexual hormones production goes down with age. Therefore, Proviron has been a blessing to all men who have impotence and infertility. On the other hand, Proviron can reverse the hypogonadism symptoms which might include low libido, low sperm production, bone density, and muscle mass decrease.  Some diseases might tear your muscles, and your doctor will prescribe the use of Proviron. In all these conditions, the drug will only deliver quality results when well administered. If you have another medical condition under treatment, inform your doctor to avoid experiencing adverse side effects.


Proviron is a well-known supplement in bodybuilding since it helps the users to enjoy the maximum anabolic steroids benefits. Many bodybuilders include Proviron in their bulking or cutting cycles. This drug improves the overall protein synthesis in the body, thus promoting muscle growth. For bodybuilders who do a lot of heavy workouts, the medication helps them gain hard and lean muscles by the end of the bulking or cutting cycle. Stacking is normal in bodybuilding and it helps the users realize the desired results within the shortest time possible. Some steroids once in the body are converted into estrogen, and Proviron plays a vital role in blocking this process. On the other hand, the steroid enables testosterone hormones to work freely in the body, thus guaranteeing quality results such as the development of lean muscles to all bodybuilders.


Proviron resembles DHT, and it extends to have same effects such as enhancing muscle hardness and improving the overall body strength which enables the athletes to compete effectively. Generally, the drug increases the overall athlete performance both during workouts and in real-time competitions. In other sports where the energy and body strength, Proviron does well. The good news is that Proviron is only detectable for about 6 weeks after completing your cycle. Thus, you just need to get your timing right, and you perform well even in the games that don’t encourage the use of steroids.

Safe drug for your liver

Although Proviron is an oral drug, it’s not toxic to your liver, and that makes it among the safest steroids on the market. Many steroid users are not comfortable with frequent injections. Therefore, you can use Proviron tablets and still enjoy the benefits. For testosterone deficiency, Proviron offers the best solution to both the young and the old. You can also use the drug together with other anabolic steroids, and you will not experience any severe effects more so in your liver.

Everything you should know about Proviron for bodybuilding


9. Proviron reviews Buyaas

Just like any other steroids on the market Proviron has received various customer reviews with each giving different opinions about their experience with the drug. Some people report excellent results more so the patients suffering from impotence and infertility.  In the medical world, Proviron has been a superior drug and has delivered quality results. On the other hand, athletes and bodybuilders also give the drug excellent ratings. Majority of the Proviron users are satisfied with its ability to help them attain different goals. Players from different competitions can also use Proviron to boost the overall body strength and eventually improve their performance.

Looking at various Proviron reviews, you can tell that the majority of the athletes are happy with the drug. Specifically, the drug’s ability to disappear in the body system within the shortest time possible has also been praised by many users. Proviron disappears in the body after around 6 weeks which makes it an ideal supplement for players participating in competitions that have banned the use of steroids. With proper timing, you can still use Proviron and participate in your next contest comfortably.

However, some users complain of experiencing various side effects after using the drug such as headaches, prolonged erections and stunted growth for the young users. Human bodies are complicated, and that’s why people experience different effects both negative and positive. The Proviron side effects can be controlled by taking the right dosage. You can also contact your doctor when you start experiencing the side effects to help you find a solution. In the steroid world, not everybody will get positive results, but most of the side effects result from overdosing Proviron.

10. Proviron for sale Buyaas

Currently, there are many Proviron suppliers on the market, and therefore you need to be very careful when buying the drug. You should always remember that only quality Proviron can assure you quality results. Everything today is digital, and you can easily buy Proviron powder on our website. In the region, we are the best Proviron manufacturer and supplier. Relevant global standard agencies have approved all our products, and you have nothing to worry about when making your order. We make timely deliveries to ensure that you start your dosage in good time. You can also buy Proviron powder from our website.

It’s always advisable to do your research on the available Proviron vendors. Not every seller you find on the market can be trusted. Some are there to make money, and they don’t care about your well-being. Look at different customer reviews, analyze them before making your final decision on which Proviron supplier to trust. We have a user-friendly website that allows you to maneuver easily from one product to another as well as make your order within seconds. You can buy Proviron in bulk or just enough for your dosage.

Also, check your country laws to check if they support possessing, importing or use of Proviron. Countries operate under different laws, and we don’t like to put our customers in trouble for buying our quality products.  For instance, in the USA, use of Proviron or possession could be considered a felony. That means importation, trafficking or buying anabolic steroids and Proviron is a criminal act. In the UK, Proviron is legal for personal use or possession and also importing the drug is also legal. The same law applies in Canada but trafficking the drug is a crime that can attract hefty fines, a jail term or both. Don’t hesitate to call us anytime you need assistance, or you have any questions about our products.

11. Proviron for Bodybuilding –Summary Buyaas

Proviron has been used by many bodybuilders for both cutting and bulking cycles together with other anabolic steroids. The drug aids in the development of hard and lean muscles especially when accompanied by right workouts and diet.  Proviron central role is to increase the steroid potency in your body, and that’s why many successful bodybuilders include it in all their cycles. The drug also gives the testosterone hormones freedom to operate in your body, thus maximizing any anabolic steroid results. Proviron has a very high affinity for binding with aromatase enzyme, and anabolic steroid users can also use it as an aromatase replacement.

On the other hand, Proviron is a well-known drug that binds well with the Sex Hormone Binding Globulin, which reduces the free testosterone circulation in your body. That’s why some bodybuilders prefer using the drug during PCT. However, in bodybuilding Proviron alone cannot deliver quality muscles unless it is stacked with other portent anabolic steroids. The drug is known for its muscle hardening properties and also boosts the body energy that is ideal for a workout and during competitions. Stick to the dosage stated by your doctor to avoid complications. Fluctuating the dosage can sometimes result in side effects or block you from attaining your goals.



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