Everything about Superdrol (Methasterone)

1. What is Superdrol (Methasterone)? 2. Superdrol dosage
3. Superdrol cycle 4. Superdrol results
5. Superdrol halflife 6. Superdrol for cutting
7. Superdrol for bulking 8. Superdrol benefits
9. Superdrol reviews 10. Superdrol for sale
11. Superdrol for bodybuilding (summary)  


1. What is Superdrol (Methasterone)? How does it work? Buyaas

You may have heard about Superdrol (Methasterone) from athletes, bodybuilders or anyone who love having a glamorous appearance. If you’ve wondered what Superdrol (3381-88-2) is, read this article to toe and you will understand the Superdrol cycle, Superdrol dosage, Superdrol benefits and everything that entails this magical steroid.

Well, Superdrol (3381-88-2) popularly known as Superdrol or methyl drostanolone is one of the most potent orally active anabolic androgenic steroid (AAS) that bodybuilders can swear on. It was developed in the 1950s but not released into the market as a prescription drug.

Although Methasteron itself has remained to be an underground steroid, the non-17a-alkylated counterpart of Methasteron has been in the market under the name Masteron. Sometime back, there was a dietary supplement branded Superdrol because it contained Methasteron.

In 2006 it was discontinued by the FDA and in 2012. Methasteron was completely banned hence adding it in the list of controlled substances like all other Anabolic Androgenic steroids.

That did not make Methasteron disappear from the bodybuilding scene. It has always taken a top spot as one of the most potent oral steroids.

How does it work?

Superdrol(3381-88-2) works the same way other anabolic androgenic steroids do. The only difference is that its composition is different and it offers rapid and tremendous results.

It comprises of an active steroidal hormone known as methyldrostanolone. It is dihydrotestosterone(DHT) that is an alteration of drostanolone. The difference between drostanolone and Superdrol is that drostanolone has an extra methyl group placed at the seventeenth Carbon position. This group is what makes it possible for Superdrol to be taken orally and also able to bypass your liver.

Superdrol has another methyl group found at the Carbon second position and which makes it an anabolic steroid. The slight changes from drostanolone are responsible for the less androgenic effects in Superdrol as compared to other anabolic steroids. The Ultimate Guide to Dianabol for Bodybuilding

Superdrol works by promoting nitrogen retention and protein synthesis. The advantage with it is that when more protein is synthesized, and nitrogen retained more muscle tissue is built. The faster the rate of synthesis and retention, the quicker you are going to bulk up.

Use of Superdrol also leads to oxygenation of the muscle tissues. When training, your microfibers get torn, and growth of muscles comes as a result of repairing them. More oxygen means that they recover fast and consequently, you can train harder this increasing the size of your muscles.

An In-depth Review of Superdrol (Methasterone) for bodybuilding


2. Superdrol dosage Buyaas

When we talk of Superdrol dosage, we have to keep in mind that body goals differ from person to person. While one may want to bulk up, another’s intent may be cutting. All in all a typical Superdrol dosage of 20-30mg for about four to six weeks is enough to give you the target results without putting your health at risk.

Most Superdrol users say that before choosing the Superdrol dosage, you have to keep the right balance between the muscle gains and the side effects. You could go as far as 40mg if you want to. With this dosage, you will achieve more muscle and strength gains without forgetting the Superdrol side effects too. It is not worth it.

If you opt to take the 40mg, you shouldn’t use it for more than four weeks. After this period, your liver will be so overworked that if you do not take a break, you might end up suffering from liver issues. After the four weeks, your liver will need to recover for it to be able to function normally.

In case you are running Superdrol alone, you could split the dosage into smaller ones and take them throughout the day. For instance, you could have one in the morning, another before working out and the last dosage could be administered in the evening. By doing this, you get to experience fewer side effects because taking Superdrol could cause a fluctuation in your hormones.

3. Superdrol cycle Buyaas

Typically, a Superdrol cycle takes around six to eight weeks. As a beginner, you could start with a Superdrol dosage of 10mg per day to test on sensitivity. Once you have seen how your body reacts to it, you can then increase the dosage gradually. A Superdrol dosage of 20mg could be the next you take. Once you have felt like you have enough experience, you could start taking 30mg per day.

For those who prefer to stack Superdrol (3381-88-2) with other androgenic anabolic steroids such as Testosterone, during pre-workout is the ideal time. 10mg is enough to provide you with maximum Superdrol benefits.

After running a Superdrol cycle, you should undergo a post cycle therapy. You could do a PCT from the fifth to the eighth week. It helps in regaining your organ’s health as well as normalizing your hormone levels. Also, you can avoid unpleasant side effects that could turn up due to the imbalance of hormones.

4. Superdrol results Buyaas

Superdrol(3381-88-2) has won over the hearts of many due to the effects it gives. If you run a Superdrol cycle for about four to six weeks, you are likely to gain around ten lbs of muscle. Combined with other AAS, you will realize the best results.

3-week results taking 20mg Superdrol 1/3/2019 27/3/2019
Weight 95.3 kg 100kg
Waist 104 cm 104.5 cm
Calf (R) 38cm 40cm
Thigh (R) 65 cm 67 cm
Chest 115cm 116cm
Shoulders 133 cm 135 cm
Upper Arm (R) 43 cm 46 cm

As evident on the table, the results are awe-inspiring after running a Superdrol cycle for three weeks only. A moderate dosage of 20mg has been used. From the data available, you realize that the Superdrol bulking effect is better than most.

On top of that, it increases strength tremendously. Being able to lift 50lbs more on the weight you have been training with isn’t something that we can ignore. When people talk about Superdrol benefits, you will not miss hearing about the strength and size gains. In combination with training and the right diet, you will never struggle to attain your body goals.

5. Superdrol halflife Buyaas

The Superdrol half-life ranges from eight to nine hours. Consequently, it gets out of one’s system very fast and that is the reason why it requires frequent dosages. By doing this, you can maintain a stable concentration level in the body.

An In-depth Review of Superdrol (Methasterone) for bodybuilding

6. Superdrol for cutting Buyaas

Superdrol helps in melting the fat away to provide a leaner and a harder body. Once your muscles are all built, you will need to cut because you may have a lot of fat beneath the skin. Fortunately, Superdrol will help you with that as it cuts down on the fat while preserving on muscle.

7. Superdrol for bulking Buyaas

For those who want to look jerked, Superdrol is an excellent choice. Through the promotion of nitrogen retention and protein synthesis, it provides excellent results. Together with a healthy diet and a perfect workout program, it will help you add on your muscles.

8. Superdrol benefits Buyaas

Being a bodybuilder calls for more than rigorous dieting and exercising. Unfortunately, this may not guarantee you with the results that you may be looking for. Use of Superdrol does! Superdrol benefits are substantial and apparent and no wonder it is dubbed as Anadrol’s big brother.

Here are some of the Superdrol benefits;

Fat loss

Fat loss is the new craze in the world of bodybuilding. There are so many products in the market that claim to help with this and others are still flocking in. The problem is that not all are effective and they may not help you achieve your target. Some may make you lose weight so fast that you are left with sagging skin or no muscles.

Your ultimate goal should be losing fat by reducing the excess body fat without losing your muscles. When you lose your muscles, you become unshapely, and all your contours disappear.

If you have thought about shedding the extra pounds, then Superdrol should have come to your mind first. Whether you have tried dieting, training or both, you might have discovered that you need something extra. Fortunately, Superdrol helps you reduce weight effectively. It is one of the products that can be trusted. Nandrolone Phenylpropionate(NPP) Cycle, Results, Benefits, Dosage

The advantage with it is that it offers magical results by assisting you to reduce your weight to your ideal level. Since it has the power to preserve your muscles, you will always have an attractive physique since Superdrol aids in burning pure fat and nothing else.

No water retention

All bodybuilders, young or old, are judged by their muscle symmetry, definition, and size. When one has a superior muscle definition, their fat levels are very low. However, sometimes the muscle definition may be reduced due to water retention.

Some steroids will assist you in gaining huge muscles that are as a result of fluid retention. Honestly, you wouldn’t want to look all puffy because of having too much fluid. You have remained focused with your diet, training and in taking your steroid and then excess fluid builds up just under your hard-earned muscles. The excess fluid should not be the reason why your muscles appear to be blurry.

Such gains will disappear almost immediately once you are done with your dosage. It is just temporary and could go away leaving you as you were before using the steroid.

One unique feature of Superdrol is that it doesn’t cause water retention. That is the reason why the muscles appear to be firmer, and the musculature is impressive. This steroid is worth a buy since it is capable of offering you a perfect definition that will earn you the first position in case you are attending any competition soon.

Bigger muscles

By now you have probably heard about ways you can build your muscles. If you keep seeking for a way to achieve huge muscles, you will still come across a lot more, and that is when you notice that there are very many differing tips. Some of them will leave you overwhelmed, confused and frustrated. Well, I have good news for you:

The Superdrol bulking effect is very efficient that once you decide to buy Superdrol powder, you will probably never look back. I would confidently say that whether you term yourself average or with no muscle, this steroid will help you build a lean muscular physique that you are yearning for.

As mentioned earlier Superdrol bulking effect is as a result of more protein synthesis and nitrogen retention. Both are increased in leaps, and that is why Superdrol bodybuilding gains will earn you a title both at the gym and at your workplace. With this in mind, you will not keep wondering why your muscles are getting more attractive by the day.

No estrogenic effects

One of the severe side effects that steroids cause is the estrogenic effects. In a nutshell, this means that there is an alteration on the sexual and reproductive development of one. No man wants to suffer from gynecomastia or man boobs when trying to get bigger muscles. It could make you embarrassed and a laughing stock too. This steroid is utterly worth it because Superdrol side effects do not include any estrogenic effects.

As an anabolic steroid, it will not require you to take any anti-estrogen together when you decide to run a Superdrol cycle. Unlike other steroids that may leave you with scary estrogenic effects, Superdrol will leave your androgen levels very low.

Increase in energy and immunity

No other steroid could offer you with as many benefits as those of Methasteron. It steals the show in terms of enhancing the production of red blood cells. Consequently, you reap better energy levels as well as better immunity.

Going by the Superdrol reviews, many people claim to feel energized after the use of Superdrol. Recovery and endurance are also promoted hence allowing you to train harder effortlessly. Taking the right Superdrol dosage will help you ward off fatigue, and you can always train hard anytime you feel like it. Isn’t it ideal?

Add on strength

Every time I hear bodybuilders talk of achieving size and not strength too, I cringe. Strength is the essential thing in bodybuilding. Without attaining it, you may not be able to lift the weights you are supposed to. You see what I mean is that if you want to get bigger than you have to get stronger first and there is no other way around it.

Many people desire to have good looking muscles and forget that strength is what helps you perform. If you want to look strong and act like it, Superdrol is the steroid for you. It will help your muscles to grow stronger and larger at the same time.

Resolving delayed poverty

Usually, some people will not experience puberty at the right time. For instance, some may have it in their twenties while the right age should be around thirteen. Many factors could lead to this including environmental issues among others.

Since steroids tend to mimic the Testosterone functionality, taking Superdrol could help in resolving puberty issues. As a result, a man may become mature, and their physique and sex drive may improve considerably.

Treating Anemia

Being a blood disease which is symptomized by a low red blood cell count, Anemia is treatable with the use of Superdrol. That is because Superdrol increases the red blood cell level in the body. No wonder Anemia medication is said to have some steroids. Note that for Anemia treatment, Superdrol has to be taken continually.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

When the Testosterone level is low in the body, Superdrol may be used to treat the imbalance. Testosterone vs. estrogen imbalance could cause problems in your body including an increase in body fat among others. Through the administration of Methasteron, the effects may be reversed since this steroid mimic the way Testosterone works.

An In-depth Review of Superdrol (Methasterone) for bodybuilding


9. Superdrol reviews Buyaas

Ai says, “This steroid seems like the best deal I have gotten so far. I have used several steroids for decades, and currently, this is what has worked for me. After others failed to give me good results, I thought to myself that there could be something better out there. True to it, Superdrol is excellent if you aim at adding more muscle mass. I should probably thank buyaas.com for selling it to me.

I have been taking it for the last six weeks without making much change in my exercise routine. My muscles are now huge and defined; something I thought would never happen to me. It has brought out my abs that I am so proud of training with my chest all out. If you are taking any other steroid other than Superdrol, then you are doing it all wrong.”

Bai says, “Superdrol is the mother of recovery. In the past, I had been feeling fatigued but not anymore. I have been using it for the three weeks, and I now feel energized throughout the day at my workplace (I work in a construction site). Other than that, I play with my sons in the evening before hitting my workouts.Everything You Need To Know About Anavar (Oxandrolone) for Bodybuilding

I have been reading about various steroids until I settled on Superdrol from buyaas and all I can say is that I am thankful that I finally found the best product.  Oh! The customer service is above and beyond. Their communication is top notch, and I received my package within no time. I can’t say enough about this site and this product. It is a yes from me.”

Bohai says, “I have been working out for over ten years and tried almost anything that comes into your mind. After running a bulking cycle, I have always struggled with cutting and often, I have been left with a big size with no muscles visible. I was a bit undecided when purchasing this but had high hopes from the Superdrol reviews I had read online.

My strength and endurance have been up since I started using this steroid. For the couple of weeks that I have used it, I have noticed that I have become drastically leaner and more vascular. While I have maintained the weight that I had on day one, my body fat has reduced by 3.4%. I look and feel like a new being and looking myself in the mirror; I am left wondering why I hadn’t started it earlier. I would vouch for it to anyone who wants to cut and preserve their muscles.”

Ying says, “I bought Superdrol from the recommendation of a model friend of mine. I have always wanted to get into modeling, but I was not so confident about my physique. Sitting behind my desk for the last five years has added some fat on my body that was once model size.

At my biggest at the end of last year, I was 223. Forty days later after eating clean and running a Superdrol cycle, I am down to 199lbs. This steroid hits every mark including that of causing adverse effects. I have not noticed any Superdrol side effects so far, and that’s what makes me love this product even more. My body is back, and I just resigned and started doing what I have always loved which is professional modeling. Superdrol cutting benefits have helped me put an end to having a body that is just a mess. Thank you Superdrol!”

10. Superdrol for sale Buyaas

There comes a time when every bodybuilder feels like they need something extra. Using steroids is a sure way to accelerate muscle growth and lose the extra pounds if that is your goal. Professional bodybuilders are not the only people who should use steroids, but any regular gym goer who feels like they need to spruce up their bodies could go for it.

Superdrol is one of the popular steroids that will give you a bang for your buck. It is a controlled drug, and you may not be able to buy Superdrol powder anywhere. In most cases, you might be duped, and you may end with up a completely different product. Getting your hands on a trustworthy Superdrol manufacturer can be quite challenging, and if you are not careful enough, it might just be a waste of money.

The internet is the best place where you could buy Superdrol online without having to go through the entire shopping procedure. You only need to get online and identify an excellent Superdrol supplier who will provide you with quality products. It will prevent you from purchasing a product that doesn’t work or one that will harm your health.

One of the top ways to get a good supplier is to get one who has excellent reviews. Choosing one who got positive reviews will help you solve the dilemma of searching for the perfect Superdrol supplier. It means that you can now make up your mind depending on what other people have experienced with the Superdrol supplier.

Additionally, you are allowed to compare prices between different suppliers at the comfort of your home. Who doesn’t love saving an extra couple of dollars? You should, however, keep a lookout for too low prices that act as prey to unsuspecting customers. Go for one who offers a standard rate that is worth the product, and that doesn’t leave you broke.

We are the best Superdrol manufacturer whose products gives you peak efficiency. All the components in our Superdrol for sale are safe and as listed on the product description. Once you start taking it, you will never struggle to achieve your body goals.

Our Superdrol price is reasonable, and it is affordable to everyone including those that are on a budget — planning to buy Superdrol in bulk? We got the best deals for you. Our delivery is reliable, and you can expect your package within the shortest time possible. Shop today and get the real quality Superdrol.

11. Superdrol for bodybuilding (summary) Buyaas

As seen in this article, the use of Superdrol could help you earn the title of the best bodybuilder. Anyone who has been in Superdrol bodybuilding can easily tell the pressures that come with it. Many are the times you feel like giving up because you think that you may not reach the peak without the use of enhancement drugs. Luckily, Superdrol could speed up the process giving you exciting results.

With its use your bodybuilding journey will no longer stagnate; in the next six weeks, you will be able to attain noticeable results. When used in combination with a good diet and rigorous training, it would give you a dazzling appearance.

Even more, it has proven to be useful in the treatment of some medical conditions that are common today. However, to avoid hurting your body more than you could be helping it, you ought to take a right Superdrol dosage. Too much of it may not always give you better results.

While using Superdrol, it is vital that you check on your diet to ensure that you get the most out of it. Eating lots of high-protein foods could help speed up the Superdrol bulking effect. Also, reducing the number of carbs and unhealthy fatty foods that you take will fasten the Superdrol cutting results.

Working out more is what will make the Superdrol results more visible. It is sad that some bodybuilders think that taking Superdrol and not training will get the job done. As much as this steroid will assist in the promotion of muscle development, it doesn’t mean that you should get slacker in the gym. The truth is that you should even work out twice as much because you are stronger and can now recover fast.

Buy it today and pursue the gains you’ve always dreamt of.



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