Are you hunting for a potent steroid that has won the trust of clinicians? Well, methyltestosterone should be your next choice. Find out the benefits of using this drug, its history in bodybuilding regime and the medical field, side effects, and how to buy the dose.


Bodybuilding is not all about subscribing to a local gym and doing intense compound workouts. You need to do more than working out. After all, you might lose psyche and motivation along the way, especially when the results are unnoticeable.

Every bodybuilder looks forward to a ribbed physique with well-defined lean muscles. If you are heading to a competition, your aggressiveness, strength, and energy will count. In the real sense, these states are just the foundation of your success. Trenbolone Enanthate vs Trenbolone Acetate (Which one Wins?)

Did you drool at this reality? Hold on because there is so much in store for you. Though we have different goals, we all want that magically stamina to tackle our opponent. In this case, it never hurts to try out a steroid like methyltestosterone. For the benefit of enhancing the user’s aggressiveness, this drug surpasses all its competitors.

Before taking methyltestosterone, make sure to understand this article.

1.What is Methyltestosterone? How does it Work?

Product Description

Methyltestosterone is among the few synthetic old school anabolic steroids for bodybuilding. It is a chemical compound whose CAS no is 58-18-4. The product is a standard drug for bodybuilders as it exhibits androgenic and anabolic characteristics.

Methyltestosterone is a pioneer oral test formulation, which derives from testosterone. What makes the compound unique is the inclusion of the alkylated C17-alpha molecule. Scientifically, the addition of a methyl group ensures that the drug can live through the mechanical breakdown and digestion processes in the body.

In Methyltestosterone the methyl group affixes to the 17th position of the carbon atom. This aspect makes the compound to fall in the class of C-17 alpha-alkylated steroids. However, for Methyltestosterone bodybuilding, the anabolic properties are not as noticeable as it is with other C-17-aa compounds.

The product’s androgenic and anabolic ratings are approximately 100 for each category. This 1:1 ratio corresponds to that of testosterone.

Although this original testosterone leaves any bodybuilder with great lean muscles and excellent performance, its uses are universal. For instance, pharma grade Methyltestosterone has medical pluses in breast cancer treatment, menopausal therapy, and management of osteoporosis.


The existence of Methyltestosterone dates back to 1935. The steroid broke new ground for the use of oral androgens not only in clinical applications but also in the bodybuilding domain. The principal reason for the development of the drug was to replace the natural testosterone in males when the endogenous levels were lower than usual.

Although Methyltestosterone for sale was available as an ingestible oral steroid, Ciba Pharmaceuticals came up with buccal tablets that would directly dissolve via the tongue. These drugs were all the rage between the 1950s and 1990s with a brand name, Metandren Linguets.

Instead of swallowing Methyltestosterone pill, you could place the Metandren Linguets’ tablets below the tongue and allow them to dissolve. Upon absorption, the steroid circulates via the mucosal membranes without traversing the liver.

Just like any other anabolic steroid, the use of this drug has remained controversial. In as much as it has a clean history, most countries have banned and filtered Methyltestosterone supplier out of the drug markets. Take, for instance, in the late 80s; the German Endocrine Society brought to a halt the commercialization of Methyltestosterone from German pharmacies.

Subsequently, most European states followed suit and banned it due to the potential Methyltestosterone side effects such as hepatotoxicity. In m ost US countries, the drug is permissible for both clinical and medicinal purposes. However, it’s quite hard to find it as a stand-alone formulation since methyltestosterone manufacturer would always combine it with other ingredients.

In the US, the drug is legal only under a valid prescription. Major athletic organizations including the International Olympic Committees have criminalized the use of methyltestosterone in sports. It is a Schedule III and IV substance in the United States and Canada, respectively.

How Methyltestosterone Works

Being an alpha alkylated steroid, Methyltestosterone binds to the androgen receptors (AR). It acts as a substrate for the 5α-reductase enzyme, hence, transforming into 17α-methyl-dihydrotestosterone (mestanolone). After binding to the AR cells, the steroid initiates the transcription of androgen-responsive genes, which are responsible for massive growth and secondary sexual characteristics.

Unlike other derivatives of testosterone, methyl test has a lower rating of anabolic activity. Therefore, the anabolic to androgenic ratio is slightly smaller, making the steroid to have relatively higher androgenic properties.

The critical downside of methyltestosterone bodybuilding steroid is that it aromatizes during the mechanism of action in the body. The aromatization into a more potent 17α-methyl estradiol triggers estrogenicity and subsequent estrogenic side effects like water retention and gynecomastia.

Methyltestosterone Structural Formula

The Ultimate Guide to Methyltestosterone for Bodybuilding

Methyltestosterone Specifications

Product name Methyltestosterone
Chemical name · 17α-methylandrost-4-en-17β-ol-3-one

· 17β-hydroxy-17α-methyl-4-androsten-3-one

· 17α-methyltestosterone

CAS no. 58-18-4
Melting point (°C) 161 – 166
Estimated boiling point (°C) 383
Storage temperature Store at room temperature (2°C – 20°C), away from heat, moisture, or light
Appearance An odourless creamy white crystalline powder
Molecular weight 302.46 g/mol
Molecular formula C20H30O2
Solubility · Water solubility is 34 g/mol at 25°C

· Methyl alcohol

· Ether

· Slightly soluble in vegetable oil

Drug class Anabolic-androgenic steroid
Usage Strengthening the body and boosting energy levels
Anabolic rating 115 – 150
Androgenic rating 95 – 130
Purity 98%
Common Trade Names · Metandren

· Android 25

· Android 10

· Mesterone

· 17-alpha-methyltestosterone

· Androsten

· Metrone

· Methitest

· Androsan

· Testred


The Ultimate Guide to Methyltestosterone for Bodybuilding


2. Methyltestosterone Dosage

Routes of Methyltestosterone Administration

There are three modes of administering methyltestosterone. Since it is available in tablet form, the conventional method is oral. You can either swallow the pill or place it under the tongue or between the jaw and the teeth for sublingual and buccal administration, respectively. In this case, the drug will directly dissolve without going through the gastrointestinal tract.


Take the steroid once a day for three weeks at equal intervals of time. Ideally, make sure to administer it on an empty stomach to increase the bioavailability. Taking methyl test with food will cause it to dissolve with undigested fats, hence, reducing its absorption to the bloodstream.

The Methyltestosterone dosage inclines on several factors. For instance, men will always have the highest value in the dosing range than women. Also, the route of administration will determine the amount of steroid a bodybuilder will take. If you prefer buccal tablets, the dose will be lower due to high potency.


For purposes of enhancing physique, take a daily dosage of between 10mg and 50 mg for a maximum of 8 weeks. However, patients dealing with androgen deficiency can use the drug for as long as the side effects are minimal. Everything You Need To Know About Anavar (Oxandrolone) for Bodybuilding


If your goal is to enhance performance, then methyltestosterone is not for you. Let me explain. It has high androgenic effects, which may not augur well with the female hormonal balance. Therefore, it is not worth risking the virilization side effects.

It is advisable that women use the steroid only under a doctor’s prescription. In most cases, doses as low as 3mg will manage the symptoms of menopause. However, a daily methyltestosterone dosage can go up to 200mg when treating inoperable breast carcinomas.


Before taking methyl test, make sure to read through the prescription label. This information will give you a bearing on how to use the drug, the safety precautions to take, and what to expect when on the dose.

Another critical aspect to note is that you should make sure to administer methyltestosterone at regular intervals. In case you miss a daily dosage, take it as soon as the thought strikes you. If it’s way past time, skip the missed one and continue with your usual prescription.

This drug is valid for both men and women. However, females should use the lowest dosage as possible.

Methyltestosterone Drug Interactions

Methyl Test will possibly interact with most drugs, dietary supplements, herbal medicines, and other non-prescription medications. The list includes diabetes prescriptions, blood thinners such as warfarin, and oxyphenbutazone.

Methyltestosterone Contraindications

Pregnant and nursing mothers should not take methyltestosterone. Even if you become pregnant while on the drug, you should consider discontinuing the dose. Studies done on pregnant rats confirm that the steroid causes congenital disabilities, fetus masculinization, and other fetal abnormalities.

For children and adolescents, the use of methyl test is likely to interfere with bone development.

The other groups that should steer clear of the steroid are the cancer patients, people with heart conditions, and those with blood diseases. Although it has a history of managing and treating breast cancers, it is ideal to have a doctor’s prescription.

Well, if you’re an active athlete, a steroid might be the only option for boosting your performance and increasing your stamina. However, you should watch out since the athletic organizations will be hunting you down. You will undoubtedly break the world record, but the authorities will strip off your medal and ban you from taking part in athletics.

3. Methyltestosterone Cycle

A typical methyltestosterone cycle lasts between six and eight weeks. The ideal oral dosage is 40 – 50mg. However, this does not mean that any value below this range would still yield results. To the contrary, you will notice a few improvements with very minimal side effects.

If you were to use the buccal form, make sure to reduce the dosage up to 50%. You’ll have to cut on the dose because this mode of administration has a higher bioavailability compared to the oral form.

At the end of the methyltestosterone cycle, the average production of testosterone hormones is likely to crash. In this case, switch to a post cycle therapy to maintain their levels.

4. Methyltestosterone Results

Due to the short half-life, methyltestosterone will reach its peak and enter the bloodstream in about an hour. If an active trainer takes the steroid shortly before a contest, he will have gained maximum strength, aggressiveness, and energy to compete.

In the methyltestosterone bulking phase, the changes are gradual and less noticeable. Unless you do some potent stacking, you may not gain the enviable muscles mass you’ve been dreaming.

5. Methyltestosterone Half-Life

A typical methyltestosterone half-life is in the range of 2.5 to 3.5 hours. On the whole, this is about 3 hours.

The Detection Time

After the final dose, methyltestosterone and its metabolites will stay in the body for a week before a complete elimination. During the screening, up to 90% of it will be present in urine while the rest will show up in feces.

With the high advancement of technology, you will still detect traces of the steroid four to six weeks after discontinuation. However, this possibility hinges on whether the user took furosemide or phenobarbital to speed up the excretion of methyl test.

6. Methyltestosterone for Cutting

For those on a cutting cycle, incorporating methyltestosterone in your regime will undoubtedly lead to positive results. The steroid has the least anabolic effects. Therefore, weight gain is not so much pronounced and it will go unnoticeable.

In reality, the apparent weight gain is always due to water retention. Towards the end of methyltestosterone cutting phase, there will be high levels of water excretion as the user registers a substantial loss of body weight.

7. Methyltestosterone for Bulking

Methyltestosterone for weight gain per se may not give you the perfect muscle mass you’ve been desiring. In essence, whichever amount you will have gained is due to high fluid retention and subsequent water weight. Once you complete the cycle, ensure to go through a post cycle treatment to maintain this body size.

To be safe, try out steroid stacking. In the bulking phase, incorporate drugs such as Dianabol, Decanoate, or Trenbolone.


The Ultimate Guide to Methyltestosterone for Bodybuilding


8. Methyltestosterone Benefits

1) Increase in Performance

The steroid acts by inhibiting the catabolic activity and promoting anabolism. This action, in turn, increases the performance, improves the overall strength, and boosts the psyche. For bodybuilders, powerlifters, and active sportspersons, these methyltestosterone benefits are a plus. The user gets to do intense training with a lot of energy and maximum stamina without tiring out.

2) Increases Aggressiveness

Do you want to be the tough guy in the neighborhood? Well, methyltestosterone will do. Any participant of the combat sports will want to spice up their aggression, strength, and focus during the match.

3) Increases Muscle Mass

Although you may not gain substantial bodyweight, you can still bank on the drug to kick start your methyltestosterone bulking cycle. You should note that an increase in body size is always due to water weight as the hormone aromatizes.

4) Fast-Acting Steroid

With methyltestosterone, you will feel the impact of the drug, not more than an hour after taking it. The changes are noticeable in the nick of time for one reason. The steroid has a short half-life. Hence, it will reach its peak at the count of three.

5) High Bioavailability

The presence of the methyl group in the structure of methyltestosterone increases its bioavailability with a value ranging between six and eight hours. For as long as you maintain the optimum level of the drug in the blood, you’ll achieve high strength and excellent performance.

The drug stays longer in the body when you take it via buccal administration than when you swallow the tablet. This property happens because it enters the venous system directly through absorption without passing by the liver.

6) Boosts the Testosterone Levels

If the natural production of testosterone is low, it is always advisable to use methyltestosterone. The drug is beneficial to males with both secondary and primary hypogonadism such as testicular failure and deficiency in gonadotropin-releasing hormones (GnRH). Other conditions include pituitary hypothalamic injury, undescended testicles, and the absence of natural endogenous androgens.

Considering that it is a raw form of testosterone hormone, methyltestosterone will act in the same way and induce male secondary sexual characteristics.

7) Methyltestosterone Stacking

Methyl test is not quite potent, probably due to the low ratio of anabolic to androgenic activities. Here are some good tidings, though. When you can stack it up with other powerful steroids, the chances are that you’ll smile through the mirror.

For example, if you are on a bulking cycle, a combination of methyltestosterone with Dianabol, Nandrolone, Trenbolone, or Decanoate will do. On the other hand, this steroid will stack well with stanozolol when all you want is maximizing on your strength.

8) Breast Cancer Treatment

Methyltestosterone has proved to be effective in managing breast cancers that have already spread to other tissues in women. Since this type of tumor is hormone-sensitive, it will regress. Other carcinomas that depend on such mechanisms are endometrium, some leukemia, lymphomas, and prostate cancer.

Besides, the drug prevents postpartum breast pain. The Biggest Difference Between Test Enanthate and Test Cypionate

9) Managing Menopausal Symptoms

The onset of menopause results in low levels of androgen in women. A decline in this hormone is responsible for sexual dysfunction, a decrease in libido, hot flashes, and related symptoms.

Studies show that treating postmenopausal conditions with Methyl Test is effective. On the upbeat, women can take low doses of the drug without experiencing adverse side effects.

10) Treating Delayed Puberty

In the case of late-onset puberty, methyltestosterone might be the only suitable choice for stimulating secondary sexual characteristics. This step applies when the victim does not positively respond to psychological therapy.

Doctors would always prescribe the drug for up to six months.

11) Original Male Testosterone Hormone

Although it is synthetic and 100% artificial, methyltestosterone is a pure model of the male androgen. Its mechanism of action is parallel to that of testosterone. Take, for example; the drug will bind to the receptor cells without the body realizing that the hormone is foreign. Contrary, methyl test will act as if it is an endogenous androgen.

9. Methyltestosterone Reviews


More than 90% of methyltestosterone reviews testify that the steroid is efficient. For bodybuilders, one will first experience an increase in aggression and strength. On the other hand, patients with hypogonadism and low testosterone levels have reported significant improvements.

Ease of Use

100% of all the users have agreed that methyltestosterone is easy to use and administer. There are no complicated doses or painful injections. Besides, taking the drug once per day is a plus to many who tend to forget their prescriptions due to various commitments.


After a complete cycle, only half of the methyltestosterone users are satisfied. Anyone who chose to discontinue the drug had two critical reasons. For instance, people had little knowledge of managing the side effects before they occurred. Therefore, the negative upshots outweighed the methyltestosterone benefits. Two, others thought that alternative steroids worked better than methyltestosterone.

Sickening Side Effects!

Basing on the methyltestosterone reviews, almost every user has experienced the downside of the drug. The sure secret of bypassing the side effects is by taking low doses, maintaining short-term use, and doing short cycles. Some of the side effects include;

  • Oily skin and acne
  • Virilization
  • Irregular menstrual cycle
  • Excessive growth of hair
  • Elongated clitoris
  • Water retention
  • Aromatization
  • Gynecomastia
  • Liver toxicity
  • Suppression of testosterone
  • Cardiovascular conditions

Methyltestosterone side effects go away once you stop taking it. However, virilization in women might follow you to your grave.

How to Avoid Methyltestosterone Side Effects

  • Take low doses of the steroid while limiting the cycle length to about seven weeks to avoid straining the liver
  • Take methyltestosterone alongside the 5α-reductase inhibitors such as finasteride, dutasteride, or similar compounds, which will neutralize the effects of dihydrotestosterone.

Once the drug transforms into DHT, it leads to prostate problems and loss of hair.

  • Use aromatase inhibitors such as Tamoxifen, Nolvadex, or Arimidex to counteract the estrogenic side effects
  • Discontinue the dose once you experience adverse effects
  • Use a liver detox such as Liv-52 or Liver Stabil to protect the organ from possible damage
  • To reduce cardiovascular strain, set up an active exercise program while avoiding saturated fats, carbohydrates, and cholesterol. Besides, you can supplement your diet with fish oil and an antioxidant.
  • After completing a cycle, you should carry out a PCT protocol to kick start the production of endogenous testosterone hormone.
  • Take in a lot of water while avoiding alcoholic drinks


The Ultimate Guide to Methyltestosterone for Bodybuilding


10. Methyltestosterone for Sale

Since the use of methyl test is not entirely illegal, you’re less likely to fall for counterfeit products. If you have a legit prescription from a doctor, acquiring the steroid is as easy as shopping for a pair of sneakers. You can either buy Methyltestosterone powder or purchase a ready-to-use option for research, bodybuilding purposes, or therapeutic applications.

In instances where you don’t have a physician’s recommendation, the only option is to fall for the black market and underground labs. Well, not all are fakes! You can shop around on virtual stores like Buyaas for quality and affordable steroids.

For online shops, methyltestosterone for sale is cheaper, quite reliable, and you can effortlessly compare prices between different sellers.

11. Methyltestosterone Vs Testosterone for Bodybuilding

Methyltestosterone is an exogenous androgen, which is almost similar to the endogenous testosterone. Although the former is synthetic, both of them have a similar mechanism of action to the extent that the body can’t tell the difference. Aside from natural testosterone, there are other models such as Test Propionate or Cypionate, working in the same way.

Methyltest has excellent oral bioavailability when compared to testosterone due to the addition of a methyl group in its structure. However, both steroids can treat late puberty, hypogonadism, postpartum breast pain and engorgement, breast cancer, and undescended testicles.


  • They belong to the group of anabolic-androgenic steroids
  • They increase performance, strength, and muscle mass in bodybuilders, active sportspersons, and powerlifters
  • They have medicinal applications in treating hypogonadism and low levels of testosterone
  • Similar half-life


  Methyltestosterone Testosterone
Price per unit Slightly higher unless you buy methyltestosterone in bulk Relatively lower
Route of administration Oral, buccal, and sublingual Available as transdermal gel and solution
Legal approval 1972 1953
Structure There is a methyl group at the 17th position of the carbon atom No methyl in its structure

Final Verdict

Methyltestosterone is among the few androgenic steroids with both therapeutic and bodybuilding effects. At least, the drug is readily available and dependable since some states have legalized its use in clinical applications.

Although the article does not assure you absolute safety when using methyl test, it does give you a rundown on what to expect while taking it. Basing on the information, you can weigh the risks and balance them with the benefits. If it is worth it, then you’re good to buy methyltestosterone online.

Every drug has its side effects. Therefore, the only certain secret of enjoying the results is by managing these upshots. If you’ve read the article, you’ll understand the few hacks.

Are you looking for a deal? Check in with reliable methyltestosterone manufacturers like Buyaas.


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