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Raw Testosterone isocaproate powder (15262-86-9)

November 9, 2018
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Testosterone Isocaproate Powder is a hormone produced predominantly in the testes of males. It is the hormone responsible in giving males their specific sexual traits. Transdermal testosterone mimics the body’s natural rhythmic release of testosterone through a time-release patch. Testosterone Isocaproate powder is used to improve testosterone deficiencies such as hypogonadism and sexual dysfunction with limited side effects.


Status: In Mass Production
Unit: 25kg/Drum

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Raw Testosterone isocaproate powder (15262-86-9)  Description

Isocaproate, it is not an anabolic steroid but an ester that can be attached to a steroid in the same fashion as the more popular Cypionate or Enanthate esters. Like the Cypionate and Enanthate, Isocaproate can also be attached to the testosterone hormone, but in the case of Isocaproate this will typically be the only place we see it attached. Testosterone-Isocaproate, a single ester form is virtually unheard of; if you find it then it was more than likely a specialty order, and there’s really no reason to ever need Testosterone-Isocaproate in this single ester form. Where we’ll find the Isocaproate ester most commonly and where it serves a large benefit is in testosterone mixtures; specifically Omnadren and Sustanon-250. Omnadren and Sustanon-250 are both testosterone compounds with four esters attached; four varying in size distinct esters that make up one total testosterone compound. For all intense purposes, these two compounds are virtually identical; their total makeup is almost the same with a single ester difference, and as such the same benefits can be obtained. The composition of each is as follows:

  • Omnadren

– Testosterone-Propionate 30mg

– Testosterone-Phenylpropionate 60mg

– Testosterone-Isocaproate 60mg

– Testosterone-Caproate 100mg

  • Sustanon-250

– Testosterone-Propionate 30mg

– Testosterone-Phenylpropionate 60mg

– Testosterone-Isocaproate 60mg

– Testosterone-Decanoate 100mg


Raw Testosterone isocaproate powder (15262-86-9) Specifications

Product Name Raw Testosterone isocaproate powder
Chemical Name Testosterone isocaproate;

Testosterone isocapronate; UNII-X8ST05GYDM; CHEBI:35001; X8ST05GYDM

Drug Class steroid ester
CAS Number 15262-86-9
Molecular Formula C25H38O3
Molecular Weight 386.576 g/mol
Monoisotopic Mass 386.282 g/mol
Formula Weight 386.6
Storage -20°C
Stability ≥ 2 years
Color White powder
Solubility  Chloroform, Ethyl Acetate
Storage Temperature  Room Temperature
Application 1,3-Dimethylbutylamine is used to study the application of unfunctionized polymethacrylate resin as a stationary phase in liquid chromatography with UV detection.


What is Raw Testosterone isocaproate powder (15262-86-9)?

An anabolic androgenic steroid and ester form of testosterone; has a longer half-life than unmodified testosterone
Testosterone isocaproate powder is an analytical reference standard categorized as an anabolic androgenic steroid that can be detected in blood. It is an ester of the naturally occurring androgen, testosterone with a longer half-life. Formulations containing testosterone isocaproate have been tested for use in hypogonadism and delayed onset puberty. Anabolic steroids, including testosterone isocaproate powder, have been used to enhance physical performance in racehorses and athletes. This product is intended for research and forensic applications.

How Raw Testosterone isocaproate powder (15262-86-9) works

Testosterone isocaproate is bounded with a fatty acid or an ester which causes a delay in its release in the body. It has got a more active life which means it will stay in the body for a longer period of time and therefore to get it in the form of an injection once or at max twice a week in enough.

Testosterone isocaproate powder is same to the Testosteron Caproate. It has got same number of hydrogens, carbons, oxygen and same molecular weight but its active life is one day more as compared to Testosteron Caproate.

Raw Testosterone isocaproate powder (15262-86-9) Dosage

Testosterone Isocaproate Powder can be taken in the form of injection.

For beginners the dosage is recommended to be 250 mg/week which can be taken once or twice in the week.

For professional body builders the dosage can be increased to 1000 mg per week as well.

Raw Testosterone isocaproate powder (15262-86-9) benefits

The benefits of Testosterone Isocaproate powder based compounds like Omnadren and Sustanon-250 can be broken down into two generalized categories; the benefits obtained by the traits above and what this type of compound provides in comparison to a single ester form. As discussed early on, the benefit of a testosterone mixture is to provide the best of both worlds in a small and large ester sense, and this provides both a fast acting testosterone with long lasting effects in an overall duration sense. That may sound overly simplified, but there’s really nothing more to it than that. Then we have the actual benefits based on the traits above, and as Omnadren and Sustanon-250 are almost strictly used for performance we’re only going to focus on the benefits in that light.

For the off-season athlete, the individual looking to add significant amounts of lean mass and strength, Isocaproate forms are a perfect choice as they will significantly promote both ends. Further, by the increased metabolic atmosphere, you are now able to gain more lean mass with less body-fat accumulation, and that is invaluable. Of course, the same compounds can be used for cutting too; after all, an enhanced metabolism means increased fat-burning abilities, and as testosterone is a tremendous lean tissue preserver it’s simply an excellent choice for any cutting plan.

If that’s not enough, regardless of your purpose of use these Isocaproate based testosterone compounds will enhance your muscular endurance; they will increase your overall rate of recovery and even provide you with more energy. You will not tire out as fast, you will heal and your body will repair at a faster and more efficient rate, and if that’s not performance enhancement nothing is. In many ways, the testosterone steroid is one of the easiest to understand, one of the simplest of all, but while it may be simple it is beyond valuable and perhaps the most valuable anabolic androgenic steroid of all time. Further, when it comes to the healthy adult male, it is also one of the most well-tolerated, and there is nothing more valuable than that.

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