Everything about Stanozolol (Winstrol)


1.What is Stanozolol? 2. How does Stanozolol work?
3.Stanozolol uses 4.Stanozolol dosage
5.How to take Stanozolol 6. Who should not take Stanozolol?
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1. What is Stanozolol? Buyaas

Stanozolol (10418-03-8) is an anabolic hormone present in a structurally improved dihydrotestosterone (DHT) form. Structural alterations are done on the DTH hormone to minimize its androgenicity while improving the compound’s anabolic properties allowing the users to gain lean muscles and boost the overall body strength. Stanozolol exits in both oral and injectable forms which means if you are not comfortable with injections you can go for the oral dosage. The drug is manufactured and sold under the brand name Winstrol. Its effects make the drug to be ranked among the top three most popular steroids amongst the bodybuilders and professional athletes. Dianabol is the leading steroid in terms of providing quality results, Deca-Durabolin taking the second position then Stanozolol settle for the third spot.


Many people started hearing about Winstrol in 1988 when Ben Johnson the Canadian sprinter tested positive during the Seoul Summer Olympic games. Nevertheless, Stanozolol origin can be traced back to 1959 when the drug details were released to the medical, and scientific community. The drug was first sold and marketed by Winthrop laboratories. In the year 1961, a United States of America based company Sterling bought the drug patent for the American market then gave it the brand name Winstrol. After undergoing various tests and scientific studies, Winstrol was approved for treating multiple medical problems and later released on the market as a prescription drug. Numerous studies revealed that the Winstrol was an excellent drug in the treatment of muscle wasting diseases, burn victims, stunted growth more so in children as well as treating Osteoporosis. Boldenone Undecylenate (Equipoise) Uses, Cycle, Dosage, Cutting, Bulking

Some scientist tried to test the drug’s ability in the treatment of anemia, but it did not turn out to be successful like in the previous tests. Winstrol doesn’t bind with non-receptor-mediated activity like other anabolic steroids such as Dianabol and Anadrol. Instead, Stanozolol only binds with the androgen receptors giving you the chance to enjoy the drug’s maximum benefits. On the other hand, Stanozolol also has a minimalized affinity when it bounds with the glucocorticoid binding areas. The drug has lower levels of progestogenic activity as well as providing independent androgen receptor activities. Stanozolol also stimulates the protein synthesis in your body and at the same time boost the collagen synthesis.

Stanozolol chemical characteristics

Taking a look at the Winstrol chemical structure, you will notice significant differences in comparison to other anabolic steroids. Despite Stanozolol steroid being derived from dihydrotestosterone, the first cycloalkane ring is attached to the 3-2 pyrazole group. Looking at the dihydrotestosterone and Winstrol images, you can quickly notice the differences. The 3 keto group has been replaced by pyrazole groups that are attached to the cycloalkane ring on the chemical structure. The change in the Winstrol chemical structure is the behind its classification as a heterocyclic steroid.

The pyrazole group gives the Stanozolol the strong binding affinity with your muscle tissues and the androgen receptors. Winstrol chemical structure modification makes it different from other dihydrotestosterone derived anabolic steroids. The DHT provides less activity or impact to your muscles in comparison to what the Stanozolol offers to the users. All anabolic steroids belong to the DTH derivative family, and that includes Anavar, Primobolan, Winstrol, and Masteron. What makes the significant difference between these anabolic steroids is the modification of the chemical structure which also influences the effectiveness of the drug.

Stanozolol possesses an improved anabolic strength as well as minimal androgenic strength because of the inclusion of the pyrazole in its chemical structure. In the Winstrol 17th carbon, there is a methyl group attachment that makes the drug to easily pass through your liver when you take the oral dose. Additionally, the drug also offers hepatic metabolism resistance to all anabolic steroids you take or stack with Winstrol. This makes it easy for the bodybuilders and athlete to enjoy maximum muscle strength and leanness during and at the end of the Stanozolol cycle.

Stanozolol properties

Different scientific studies have clearly shown the primary Winstrol action mechanism. The Stanozolol is also said to have measurable anti progestogenic properties. Currently, there is no unusual progestogenic activity that Winstrol can cause in your body. As stated earlier Stanozolol possesses high affinity when it comes to binding with sex hormone-binding globulin. That means, there are more anabolic steroids made available in your bloodstream which sends the relevant signals responsible for muscle growth. SHBG is the proteins that work by attaching and binding with various sex hormones in your body like the synthetic anabolic steroids, testosterone, and estrogen. The moment the proteins have been attached to the sex hormones makes them dormant for the time they are bound together.

Stanozolol suppresses the SHBG production in your body as well as preventing them from binding with the anabolic steroids you take. A study was done by scientists involving 25 men /Winstrol users who were given the drug orally. Later it was discovered that the production levels of the SHBG among the subjects dropped by 48.4% within the first three days after taking the dosage. That shows how capable the Stanozolol is, in reducing the SHBG production in the body. On the other hand, Winstrol is also known for resisting binding with the aromatase enzymes as well as being converted into estrogen. This property makes Stanozolol favorite steroid for many people since it enables them to avoid water retention and high blood pressure side effects that are common with many anabolic steroids.

On top of that, the drug also is capable of avoiding any interaction with 5 Alpha-reductase enzyme which is responsible for converting testosterone into DHT. Therefore, when using Stanozolol, you can be sure such conversion will not happen since it’s a modified dihydrotestosterone steroid. Due to the modification of this amazing steroid, gives it a prolonged half-life. For those who would like to take the injection Winstrol form, the drug will have an active half-life of about 24 hours in your body. The oral dosage stays active in your body system for around 9 hours, but you will continue enjoying the benefits even after completing your cycle.

The androgenic and anabolic Winstrol strength ratings, scientists rate it at 30 and 320 respectively. Stanozolol has over 3 times anabolic strength than that of testosterone. Typically, testosterone is a benchmark which almost all steroids are measured against to compare their effectiveness and power. Testosterone has an anabolic and antigenic rating of 100 each. Regarding percentages, Stanozolol is authoritatively said to have 30% less androgenic value and 320% extra anabolic effects that testosterone. It’s also essential to understand that both injectable and oral Winstrol have the same chemical structure which is not a common phenomenon in almost all anabolic steroids. Nandrolone Decanoate Uses, Cycle, Dosage, and Shocking Results

Majority of the anabolic steroids usually have injectable dosage preparations that are esterified to moderate the release rate and active half-life. On the other hand, the oral dosages are always C17 Alpha alkylated. This raises eyebrows for many oral steroid users since it means the drugs can quickly increase the liver toxicity which is very risky. Injectable steroids are said to be safer since they go directly to the bloodstream and not the liver like the oral taken dosages. In summary, injectable Winstrol presents minimized hepatotoxic effects on your liver than the oral dosage. Therefore, before making a decision on what Stanozolol form to settle for, make sure your doctor explains to you the benefits of each type so that you make an informed decision. That’s why it’s advisable always to consult your doctor or medical expert to help you when choosing the right steroid for you.

The Ultimate Guide to Stanozolol (Winstrol) for Bodybuilding


2. How does Stanozolol work? Buyaas

Stanozolol (10418-03-8) is a perfect drug for those who would like to gain hard and lean muscles. The drug is mostly taken orally in cutting cycles to help the users lose or burn body fats. As stated earlier the drug works similarly to other DHT derivative anabolic steroids. Many athletes consider this steroid as a cheaper option to Anavar and also as an easily accessible bodybuilding supplement on the black market. The A-ring modification makes Winstrol a unique steroid with an excellent cutting capability. Just like a majority of the DTH associated steroids, when using Stanozolol, you don’t have to worry about the drug transforming into estrogen after it gets into your body. There is also another exciting Stanozolol fact that many people rarely talk about, and that’s its ability to reduce the lipoproteins high-density levels (HDL) as well as increasing the low-density lipoproteins levels (LDL). One of the significant Winstrol benefit that many users enjoy during and after completing the cycle. However, the HDL/LDL up to now lacks scientific support and relies on reports from unreliable evidence.

On the other hand, Winstrol is also said to be capable of lowering the amount of sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG) effectively than any other anabolic steroid on the market today. SHBG is a hormone that neutralizes the excess steroids in your body, making them useless.  High-levels of the SHBG hormone can prevent you from experiencing the full steroid results even if you complete your cycle and take the recommended dosage. Stanozolol is an accommodating steroid that you can stack with various steroids without having to lower the dosage. The most exciting and useful stacking would be that of Proviron and Winstrol since it allows you to enjoy a maximum reduction of SHBG levels as well as enabling you to maximize your cycle effectiveness.

For cutting cycles, the Stanozolol users achieve lean and hard muscles especially when you stack the drug with Anavar. The Winstrol however, may not be the best option during harsher or longer bulking cycle since excess usage can cause joint problems. Many people report to suffer from joint pains and sometimes drying of the joints while using the Stanozolol. Although Winstrol is a highly accepted steroid for cutting phase where there are lighter workouts and light weight training, it may not be ideal in bulking phases which involves heavy weight training since it can easily lead to joint problems. The Winstrol also helps in eliminating the stress hormone in your body that transforms muscles into fat. Thus, you can use it for various health reasons and promoting your overall well-being.

3. Stanozolol uses Buyaas

Stanozolol is a steroid that can be helpful in the treatment of various diseases as well as in the sporting world. Sometimes you might find people using the drug without knowing after being prescribed by a doctor to help them reduce or heal a particular medical condition. Always remember that taking the medication without proper prescription can lead to severe side effects. Thus, it’s essential to go for a medical examination before taking the drug either for medical or if you are a professional athlete. The primary uses of Stanozolol are as follows;

Treatment of various diseases

Since the development of this anabolic steroid, doctors have been using it to help multiple patients suffering from different chronic diseases. For instance, children suffering from stunted growth due to its ability to stimulate the body tissues growth. Looking at various Stanozolol reviews, many people are happy after the drug helped their children attain their full growth. On the other hand, the drug is also helpful in the treatment of the chronic hereditary angioedema disease that is known for causing regular swelling of your face, throat, bowel wall, extremities, and genitals. According to medical reports, thousands of people suffering from this disease, have recorded impressive results of reduced effects after taking the Stanozolol dosage. Although the drug doesn’t offer an instant solution to this hereditary angioedema, in the long run, many patients give positive results.

Also, Stanozolol has also been an excellent medication for patients suffering from muscle wasting diseases. The drug may not treat the disease, but it helps the patients retain their muscles and the overall body strength. Just like other steroids, Winstrol stimulates the production of various hormones in your body that aid in the development of your body muscles.  Some diseases are known for wasting muscles and eventually reducing your body strength which can make it even hard for you to lift heavy items or even participate in various physical functions like running or any other sporting activities. When your body is weak, also the medication you are taking for the primary disease can easily lead to unexpected side effects.

Osteoporosis is a bone disease that you may suffer from if your body loses either too much or too little born. Majority of the Osteoporosis patients their bones become very weak and can break any time after falling even when there is no that much impact. In some severe cases, the patients might experience minor bumps and heavy sneezing as well as effects on your posture and back pains. In case you experience these effects contact your doctor immediately for Stanozolol prescription after undertaking proper diagnosis. Many Osteoporosis patients give this steroid an excellent rating after helping them overcome this deadly bone disease. Various Stanozolol customer reviews have reported various successes of this drug when used for therapeutic purposes. Burn patients are also other great beneficiaries of this drug since it stimulates quick recovery by enhancing the body tissues growth and repair.

Body tissues have a mechanism of repairing themselves when provided with the right nutrients and environment. That’s exactly what Stanozolol provides to burn victims. The patients record quick recovery even the ones with significant burns.  Scientists are still conducting various studies to check whether the drug can be modified to treat more diseases after the first attempt for anemia treatment was unsuccessful. Some scientists believe that Stanozolol can be adjusted to become a strong drug for many diseases in the medical field.

In the sporting world

Stanozolol has been a favorite supplement for many elite bodybuilders and athletes after proving to be effective in helping them achieve their career goals. The drug is attributed for the success of many athletes before the world anti-doping agency banned it for use in the athletics world. Therefore, before using this drug as an athlete make sure you confirm whether your sporting activities allow participants to use it. If in your line of duty nothing stops you from using Stanozolol, then you are lucky you can continue and be sure to attain your career goals. The drug enables one to gain overall body strength that allows athletes to work out for longer as well as have enough energy to run on the track.

On the other hand, bodybuilders are other biggest beneficiaries of Stanozolol. The drug stimulates the growth of muscles as well as enabling them to develop lean and tight muscles. The human body doesn’t have enough hormones that will allow you to develop the kind of muscles bodybuilders possess. As much as workouts are essential for bodybuilders, using the right supplement is also very crucial in attaining the body mass and the required strength. In the cutting cycle, the Stanozolol also plays a vital role in helping the users eliminate the excess or unwanted body fats by the end of the cycle. At this stage, you can either administer the drug orally or through an injection. Make sure your doctor designs the best stack that will increase the effectiveness of this drug.

The fact that this drug doesn’t convert into estrogen which is responsible for severe side effects more so in men users make it an ideal supplement for the majority of professional athletes and bodybuilders. The Stanozolol like mentioned earlier on this article also doesn’t promote water retention and makes it easy for the users to get the body shape and lean muscles they desire. Even though its sounds like Winstrol is a safer anabolic steroid, taking it in excess or misusing it can lead to severe side effects. Therefore, always make sure you consult your physician before you start taking your dosages. If you decide to go for the injectable Winstrol form, always make sure a physician or health practitioner administers the dosage. Injecting yourself might be an option but you need to be sure about it to avoid any complications.

Gaining quality muscle growth is also another effect that makes Stanozolol a popular steroid amongst bodybuilders and elite athletes. However, for you to attain this amazing results you need to take right stacking and accompany the dosage with proper diet as well as the right workout. That means, you also need a nutritionist to help you get the results you desire. Sometimes you might be surrounded by doctors who are unaware of the steroid usage in the sporting world. When you find yourself in this situation, your fellow athletes or your trainer can be of great help. Alternatively, there is a lot of information on the internet you can quickly get the best doctor that understands the power of steroids more so the Stanozolol.

Stanozolol steroid also promotes red blood cells production in your body which is responsible for the transportation of oxygen and nutrients to different parts of the body such as the muscles. Your muscles need nutrients to grow as well as repair themselves. The moment your body produces additional red blood cells than the tissues enables you to work out harder and for a more extended time. Apparently, this promotes the overall body strength, power and agility the main reason why athletes, bodybuilders, and cyclists prefer taking Stanozolol to enhance their performance and achieve their goals.

4. Stanozolol dosage Buyaas

This drug can be taken either orally or through injection and still give you the same results. It’s up to you to decide the best one for you. Some people like injections while others fear them and prefer taking the pills. Stanozolol is a drug that accommodates almost everybody and maybe that’s the reason behind its massive popularity among the users. The only difference is that the oral dosage goes through the liver while the injectable one goes direct to the bloodstream and has a more active half-life than the tablets. Inform your doctor the dosage form that you are comfortable with so that to know how to design the stacking if there is a need.

Stanozolol dosage recommended for men range from 40mgs to 100mgs per day while women should only take between 5mgs and 15 mgs per day. For women who would like to take higher dosages, they should not go beyond 20mgs per day, and this dosage is only recommended for female fitness competitors or bodybuilders. Talking excess dosage in women can lead to severe effects such as developing big and lean muscles like men. No woman will like to have a men-like body, and that’s the risk of taking too much steroid. Let your doctor guide you in how to take the drug correctly to experience the right results that will enable you to prosper in your career. The Winstrol beginners will have to start with lower dosages which the doctor can adjust later after monitoring the progress. For those in hardcore, levels can use the maximum Winstrol dosage or talk to the doctor if they are not experiencing any effects.

Human bodies are complicated, and therefore it’s not advisable to start the usage of steroids with high dosages, it can lead to severe side effects. Sometimes you might experience some side effects even after taking the low dosages. In case that happens, inform your doctor immediately before the situation gets worse. There are those who don’t experience any effects after taking the steroid for even days, and you should also inform your physician to increase the dosage for you to attain the results you desire. A good doctor will always ask you about the progress and how you are feeling after taking the dosages for like a week.

When the side effects are severe, the Stanozolol cycle should be discontinued immediately, and your doctor will find a solution to reverse the side effects or provide an alternative steroid. Involving your doctor in the whole process will be the best way for you to enjoy the maximum Stanozolol effects during or even after the cycle. Proper diet is also another vital aspect that will help you attain your goals as well as accompanying the dosage with an adequate workout. Both oral and injectable Winstrol dosages work and deliver the same effects, therefore, don’t have any worries when you decide to settle for either.

The Ultimate Guide to Stanozolol (Winstrol) for Bodybuilding


5. How to take Stanozolol Buyaas

Always stick to your doctor’s instructions if you want to be safe when using Stanozolol. Feel free to ask your doctor anything you do not understand to explain it to you. Raise all your concerns or questions when you visit a doctor before you start your cycle. Ask about the oral or injectable dosages so that to choose the most comfortable one. If you decide to go for the injection always make sure a medic administers the dosages. The oral dose should be taken with a full glass of water. You can take the dosage with or without food and for excellent results make sure you take the Stanozolol regularly. There is also the liquid Stanozolol that look likes milky substance which you can drink. The taste is extreme, and it’s advisable to chase it down with a glass of juice to kill the taste.  As you take your dosage, your doctor might recommend regular blood tests together with other medical examinations to monitor the progress as well as the side effects. Make sure you store Winstrol at room temperature, safe from moisture and away from direct light or heat.

6. Who should not take Stanozolol?Buyaas

Medical examination is very important since it determines if you are eligible for taking the drug or you should seek an alternative steroid that is safer for you.  Not everybody can take this drug and be sure of getting quality results. There are some health conditions you should meet. Therefore, some people are prohibited from taking Stanozolol since it can lead to health complications even if they take low dosages. The following people are advised to stay away from this powerful steroid;

  • Patients who have prostate cancer, breast cancer and those with hypercalcemia-or those people that their blood has high levels of calcium. These conditions can worsen if you take the Stanozolol steroid. Inform your doctor if you are under medication for any of the mentioned health conditions.
  • On the other hand, those suffering from chronic diseases should also consult the doctor before taking Winstrol. Some circumstances can allow you to take this steroid but in low dosages, as you continue taking the other medications for your primary disease. If you have been suffering from heart attack or any other heart disease before, seek doctor’s advice since the steroid can revive the problem. Others that should be careful and go for a regular medical checkup before taking any steroid include; diabetes patients, blood clotting issues, liver, and kidney problem. The doctor can advise you in two ways, either to stay away from the Stanozolol or adjust the dosage to fit your medical condition.
  • Winstrol is a steroid placed under FDA pregnancy category X which means it can lead to birth defects in the unborn baby. If you are pregnant it’s advisable that you stay away from this steroid. Additionally, if you are planning or expecting to become pregnant before or during the cycle, then you should also avoid taking Stanozolol. Up to now, it’s not clear whether the drug can penetrate the breast milk and affect your baby. However, it’s advisable first to consult your physician to know if you can still use Winstrol as you breast-feed. Don’t risk your baby when you have the chance to make the right decision now.

You should not decide using Stanozolol without involving your doctor. Some of the side effects reported, mostly affect the people who purchase and use it without undergoing a medical examination as well as determining the right dosage. The reason why steroids provide the effects you see in many bodybuilders, athletes or cyclists is because they are potent drugs that should be taken with a lot of care. Find out if your body system allows you to use any steroid to avoid experiencing severe effects that can lead to health complications. There are no restrictions regarding beverages, food or even activities when using Stanozolol unless your doctor advises you otherwise. Methenolone Enanthate vs Methenolone Acetate – Best Cutting Steroid

Overdosing this medication can be life-threatening. Once you suspect you have overdosed the drug contract your doctor immediately or poison control center for help. Currently, there is no clear information about the symptoms you might experience after overdosing Stanozolol. In case you miss a dose make sure you take it as soon as you realize. However, if you notice late, don’t take a double dose stick to the next dosage and take the next ones as scheduled by your doctor.

7. Stanozolol cycle Buyaas

There are many variations when it comes to the usage of Stanozolol since it’s a versatile steroid. You can either take the oral cycle alone or consider combining it with injectable steroids. You can also stack it with various cycle enhancers for better results. The normal Stanozolol cycle lasts for about 6 weeks but can be increased depending on your cycle level. The experienced users’ cycle is usually longer than that of the beginners. Stanozolol is among the most popular steroid to stack with various anabolic steroids during its cycle. Stacking compounds are typically determined by the goals you want to achieve by the end of the medication. Majority of professional bodybuilders prefer using Stanozolol for cutting purposes which enables them to reduce the excess body fats which allow them to preserve the lean muscles in the long run. For users who would like to build or develop muscle tissues can stack the drug with testosterone. You can also stack Winstrol with other drugs like trenbolone during the cutting cycle. Here are some of the popular Stanozolol cycles;

The beginner winstrol cutting cycle- Oral only

week Winstrol (Stanozolol) Cardarine (gw501516) Anavar (oxandrolone) N2Guard
1 50mgs/day 20mgs/day 30mgs/day 7caps/day
2 50mgs/day 20mgs/day 30mgs/day 7caps/day
3 50mgs/day 20mgs/day 30mgs/day 7caps/day
4 50mgs/day 20mgs/day 30mgs/day 7caps/day
5 50mgs/day 20mgs/day 30mgs/day 7caps/day
6 50mgs/day 20mgs/day 30mgs/day 7caps/day


Oral and injectable Stanozolol cutting cycle

week Testosterone cypionate Stanozolol (winstrol) Primobolan Depot N2Guard Cardarine (gw-501516)
1 500mgs per week 50mgs/day 600mgs/week 7caps/day 20mgs/day
2 500mgs per week 50mgs/day 600mgs/week 7caps/day 20mgs/day
3 500mgs per week 50mgs/day 600mgs/week 7caps/day 20mgs/day
4 500mgs per week 50mgs/day 600mgs/week 7caps/day 20mgs/day
5 500mgs per week 50mgs/day 600mgs/week 7caps/day 20mgs/day
6 500mgs per week 50mgs/day 600mgs/week 7caps/day 20mgs/day
7 500mgs per week OFF 600mgs/week 7caps/day 20mgs/day
8 500mgs per week OFF 600mgs/week 7caps/day 20mgs/day
9 500mgs per week OFF 600mgs/week 7caps/day 20mgs/day
10 500mgs per week OFF 600mgs/week 7caps/day 20mgs/day

During the injectable Stanozolol with testosterone base, consider adding an aromatase inhibitor such as Arimidex or Aromasin. Depending on your body response to the Winstrol cycle, the doctor can stretch the cycle or reduce it. Always inform your doctor about how you feel as you continue with your cycle. When taking the drug for the first time, you might experience some headaches or swell at the injected side, but that’s a problem that disappears after some time. Call your doctor in case you encounter any other prolonged side effect during, or after the cycle.

8. Stanozolol results Buyaas

This amazing steroid delivers mixed results depending on how you use it and for what purposes. Some people go for Stanozolol with the aim of cutting excess body fats while others for medical purposes. It’s all about you and what you need to achieve by the end of the cycle. If you take the steroid correctly and accompany it with proper diet or workout, you will for sure enjoy the positive results. However, when your body reacts differently with the drug, then you will have no choice than to bear the severe Stanozolol side effects or consequences. The steroid doesn’t work for everybody, to some people it’s a nightmare while to others it comes as a blessing and it’s the main contributor to their sporting career success. As stated earlier, after medical examination if your doctor recommends you to stay away from the drug then don’t force it merely because the steroid is doing wonders to your friend. Human body systems are unique; you might be surprised to see a drug that has helped millions achieve their goals failing to work for you.

There are only two types of results you will get after taking Stanozolol, and for sure you must experience one but not both. Positive Winstrol results are what every user expects, but it’s not an obvious outcome. Some experience the worst side effects that can even make them spent a lot of money treating them. Let’s now break down the Stanozolol results so that you can understand what to expect from this famous steroid.

Positive Stanozolol results

The primary positive results that you are sure of getting after taking Winstrol include;

  • Achieving quality lean muscle mass, the majority of the Winstrol users more so athletes and bodybuilders have been able to attain quality lean muscles. The drug burns the excess body fats leaving the muscles tight and highly visible. Stimulation of red blood cells also improves the supply of nutrients to the muscles fastening their growth and repair too. The drug also helps in the preservation of lean muscles even after completing your cycle. On the other hand, your muscles will be tight and hard giving you a look you have always desired as a bodybuilder or athlete.
  • Gain endurance and overall body strength, after using this steroid you will have super strength that will enable you to work out, cycle or run for long hours without getting tired. This will automatically improve your overall performance and quickly achieve your career goals. For the training where you will have to lift heavy weights, you will easily build your muscles. Many people fail to get the desired fitness and body shape due to lack of energy to complete or work out correctly. That’s the energy you will get from using this potent steroid. Remember for maximum positive results, you need to accompany the cycle with proper diet.
  • For the runners the steroid provides power agility and speed that they need to win their races. That’s the reason why this steroid is the most popular among the runners or cyclists. Before it was banned, many successful athletes in the Olympics and other major global competitions used this drug. Even today in the sporting activities where the use of steroids is not regulated, the athletes report excellent results and improved performance. Therefore, this drug can be a great supplement when preparing to participate in any upcoming competitions. Stanozolol will make your work more comfortable during the training as well as during the sporting competition. Ask your doctor about the Stanozolol impact on improving your overall body power and speed.
  • In the medical field, the drug has been able to treat various chronic diseases such as the muscle wasting diseases among others. Children who have stunted growth have also been reporting positive results after the drug helped them attain their desired growth. Looking at various Stanozolol customer reviews, many people are praising the drug for helping their children who had a growing problem. On the other hand, Winstrol has been an excellent drug for Osteoporosis patients who are at risk of experiencing back pains and breaking of arms or legs since the bones become very weak. The drug gives the user’s body strength, and stimulate the red blood cells production enhancing supply for nutrients to various parts of the body. Patients will therefore, gain the body strength, develop muscles as well as improve their blood levels.

Stanozolol negative results

Despite the many positive results Stanozolol provides to the users, it also has a dark side that can mostly be experienced by the users who don’t follow the usage instructions. Some medical conditions such as being under treatment for other chronic diseases can also expose you to severe Stanozolol side effects. However, sometimes your body system can reject the drug even after being recommended by your doctor to take this steroid. Don’t just sit comfortably when you are experiencing severe side effects, inform your doctor to help you as soon as possible. Delaying to get medication for the side effects can lead to irreversible health complications. Don’t fear to take the drug after reading this article since every product or drug has its side effects if not used properly. Sticking to the dosage and usage instructions is the only way to be safe and enjoy quality results. Some of the common Stanozolol side effects include;

  • Acne; this is the most common Stanozolol side effect that many users have complained about since the drug was developed. Acne is also a shared side effect for almost all anabolic steroids since once you have taken steroid not only Stanozolol, your body will start producing excess body oil that leads to the development of acne on your skin.
  • Causing hair fall or baldness, Winstrol has also been blamed for causing hair loss amongst some of its users. The high levels of DHT that are present in Stanozolol force the hair follicles to shrink even stop growing altogether. In case you notice your hair isn’t growing as it used to do before using the steroid, contact your doctor to find a solution before the problem gets to a constant level.
  • The steroid can lead to liver failure; this is the most feared problem that concerns many Stanozolol users. Everything you take orally must go through your liver, and the chemical elements in this steroid might harm it. On the other hand, the Stanozolol injection is said to be more toxic than the pills. The anabolic steroids can also cause tumor, itching and dark urine.

The good news is that you can easily avoid these Winstrol side effects if you follow the dosage instructions or inform your doctor immediately you start experiencing some of these negative effects. There are some obvious side effects that you will encounter in the first days of your circle which should go away after some time. Headaches and swelling around the injection area are some of the usual side effects that every user experiences during the first days of the cycle. However, if these side effects stay longer than expected seek medical attention as soon as possible. When using this amazing steroid focus more on the benefits or results that are aiming at getting by the end of the cycle.

9. Stanozolol half-life Buyaas

The Stanozolol half life depends on what form you choose to use. The oral Stanozolol has an active life of 8-9 hours or a half-life of 4 to 5 hours. The injectable form has a longer active life in your body that ranges from 36-48 hours or a half-life of about 18 to 24 hours. The dosage is always distributed according to the half-life of the form you choose. For those who like taking the oral dose or the pills they will have their dosage twice a day and should not exceed 100mgs per day. The intramuscular injection should be administered at least 25mg in every 2-3 days. It’s also advisable to take some breaks between each dose to avoid taking too much steroid into your body. After a medical examination, the doctor will determine the best dosage and cycle for your condition. What you want to achieve is what the physician will rely on to determine the best dosage for you.

10. Stanozolol benefits Buyaas

Being the third most popular anabolic steroid, Stanozolol benefits comes with various benefits which make the drug a darling to many athletes and bodybuilders. As we had stated earlier, the steroid was initially used for therapeutic purposes more so in the treatment of hereditary angioedema and Osteoporosis. After the realization that drug can also help athletes and bodybuilders to improve their performance it became popular amongst the elite athletes. Stanozolol presents various benefits to its users, and they are as follows;

  • Stanozolol doesn’t transform into estrogen, a majority of anabolic steroids once they get into the body they quickly convert into estrogen. However, Winstrol stands out to be among the few anabolic steroids that don’t change into estrogen. Estrogen presents serious side effects in men such as the development of female breasts. Therefore, you have no reason to worry when taking this amazing steroid.
  • Enables users to develop quality muscles, Winstrol ability to offer quality muscle growth to the users might be another significant reason why many athletes and bodybuilders prefer it. Unlike other anabolic steroids which only improve the muscle size, Stanozolol also enhances the muscle strength. When the right diet and workout accompany the cycle, you can quickly develop strong, tight and quality lean muscles. If you are interested in building your muscles, then Winstrol makes a perfect choice for you.
  • The steroid doesn’t cause any water retention which makes it ideal for many bodybuilding athletes. Majority of the steroid available on the market today lead to water retention in the muscles denying the users to attain tight and lean muscles. As you continue in your muscle building journey, you don’t have to worry about any water retention when using Stanozolol.
  • Winstrol gives its users the chance to choose how they would like to use it since it exists in both oral and injectable forms. Many people are afraid of injections may be due to the pains, but Stanozolol gives you a chance to enjoy the benefits without going through any needles. The oral dosage exists in both pills and liquid. Your doctor will allow you to choose your favorite dosage format. When you settle for the injectable Winstrol, make sure that a medic or a health practitioner administer all the dosages. Don’t make a mistake of injecting yourself if you’re not an expert.
  • Another significant benefit that the users enjoy during and after the Stanozolol cycle is experiencing fast results.  Many steroids take time before the user discovers the full results. However, that doesn’t happen when you are taking Winstrol, by the time you complete the first cycle, you will be seeing and experiencing the results. Choosing the right diet as well as accompanying the cycle with the proper workout, you will get the results within the shortest time possible. Follow all the stipulated instructions and involve your doctor in the whole process for better and quick results.

There are also other benefits that we had mentioned earlier in this article which includes treatment of stunted growth in children, Osteoporosis among other diseases.

The Ultimate Guide to Stanozolol (Winstrol) for Bodybuilding


11. Stanozolol reviews Buyaas

Many people including scientists and the Stanozolol users have written different drug reviews some condemning Winstrol while others praising it. It’s normal for a product to get varying ratings more so from the users since they can’t all get similar results after using it. Looking at various customer reviews, you can conclude that majority of the winstrol users have been satisfied by the results they got after using the product correctly. Majority of those who complain of severe side effects mostly is due to overdose or using the drug without going for medical examination. As stated earlier failure to involve your doctor, trainer and nutritionist in the whole process can expose you to side effects or fail to get the desired results.

The bodybuilders and athletes who have been using this steroid for many years have been giving the product excellent ratings. A clear indication that it’s an excellent supplement. Many athletes praise the Winstrol for helping them achieve a lot in their various sporting careers. Other users praise the drug for boosting their muscle growth as well as the overall body strength. Lean and quality is another ability that Stanozolol is being praised for providing to the majority of its users. Steroid users who are not comfortable with the injections are also a happy lot since Winstrol comes with an oral option that delivers the same effects like the injectable one.

The versatility of Stanozolol is another significant ability that many users are talking about when rating this steroid. The drug can be used alone in the cutting cycle and can also accommodate another anabolic steroid in stacking as well as other drugs. You can also look at various reviews available online, and for sure you will be impressed by the testimonies people are giving after trusting this steroid. Some users complain of headaches, itching and swelling around the injection area which are normal side effects that disappear within a few hours. Those who seek medical attention soon after experiencing the side effects have always been assisted, which means that the majority of Stanozolol side effects have a solution when tackled early. Just remember to consult your doctor to avoid experiencing severe side effects.

12. Stanozolol for sale Buyaas

There is no doubt that Winstrol is among the most used and preferred steroid by many bodybuilders and athletes. That automatically means that the demand for this drug is always high over the years. Today finding the drug should not be a problem anymore since you can easily purchase it from a reputable online store. Alternatively, you can check in the underground labs which manufacture the injectable Stanozolol for sale. Your doctor can be the best person to guide you on where to purchase the Stanozolol if you have no idea where you can buy it. However, today things are little bit easier due to the internet. You can easily search on the internet and get the leading Stanozolol sellers.

Before making any order from any Stanozolol dealer first do your research to understand how the company operates. Going to a reputable dealer is the best way of being sure that you are getting a quality product which will provide you with the results you desire. Don’t trust the in-person dealers, sometimes they might be selling low quality products that can even cause harm to your body instead of helping you achieve the results you need. There are different tips you can employ to get the best Stanozolol seller which includes looking at the customer reviews or ratings as well as talking to some of their clients if you can get one.

Referrals are also another way of getting the right Winstrol seller. A satisfied customer will always refer you to the best vendor or warn you when you are about to trust the wrong seller. Take advantage of the internet and take your time to study various vendors before making your decision on who to trust. The mistake that people make when looking for steroids is to look at the price, and that can easily tempt you to purchase a low-quality product. Look for a company that does timely delivery, and that offers quality steroids. Ensure that you also check what the laws in your country say about the drug. Understanding legality of purchasing, using or importing Stanozolol without proper prescription will make it easy for you to know how and where to buy Stanozolol. In the US for instance, Stanozolol is categorized as a class 3 controlled drug, meaning you can’t buy it without genuine doctor’s prescription. Therefore, importing the drug without a valid prescription can lead to severe punishment.

13. Stanozolol for bodybuilding – (summary)Buyaas

Among the most effective and reliable anabolic steroids is the Winstrol which for many years it has never disappointed the users. The drug stimulates muscle growth as well as helping the users preserve lean muscles. For those who take the medication correctly are assured of getting quality results by the end of the cycle. Remember to accompany the dosage with the appropriate diet and work out to get the desired body shape as well as enable the muscles to develop quickly. Winstrol doesn’t enhance water retention in your tissues like other anabolic steroids available on the market.

Stanozolol offers quality and tight muscles than any other steroid. You can also stack the Winstrol with various drugs or anabolic steroids. For cutting cycle, the steroid can help you get rid of the excess body fats that make it hard for you to have tight, visible and lean muscles. On top of that, the Stanozolol is the only steroid that improves the overall body strength, energy as well as stimulating the muscle growth. Many athletes and bodybuilders also report experiencing results shortly after they start their cycles. Winstrol also stimulates the red blood cells production in your body to improve the effectiveness and steady supply of nutrients to various parts of your body.

The drug gives the bodybuilder an option to choose the dosage format that they are comfortable with from the injectable, oral and the liquid form. For better results, your doctor should undertake a medical examination to determine if you can safely use the steroid as well as to monitor the progress. Inform your doctor immediately you suspect an overdose or when you experience severe or prolonged side effects.



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