1. What is Testosterone Cypionate? How does it work?

Testosterone Cypionate (58-20-8) In the field of bodybuilding where expectations may be too high, many hours of training and dieting may not give you the desired results in the shortest period that you would want them to. As you undoubtedly know, at this moment, you’ve given up all the greasy food and could be spending all your time training. It is disheartening to notice that none of these seems to be working on your favor. But do you have to give up? No! Taking Testosterone Cypionate will give you the success that you have been searching for. In this article we are going to tell you about Testosterone Cypionate cycle, Testosterone Cypionate benefits, Testosterone Cypionate dosage and everything else that you would want to know about this drug.

What is Testosterone Cypionate (58-20-8)?

It is an eight-carbon ester which is a synthetic version of Testosterone. Your body produces Testosterone naturally and uses it in gaining bigger and harder muscles as well as improving on your performance. Chemically Testosterone Cypionate shares the same features as testosterone enanthate.


You will not believe that Testosterone Cypionate has been in existence since the 1950s. It was first introduced by a company known as Upjohn and first marketed as Depo-testosterone. Throughout the years it has also been identified by other brand names like `Duratest,’ `Durandro,’ `Depovirin.’

Previously, it was used to treat the following conditions;

  • Severe menstrual bleeding.
  • Muscular atrophy
  • Osteoporosis
  • Low bone density

Testosterone Cypionate affects the rate in which the body produces Testosterone and the amount of time it remains in one’s body. Since it is a long-lasting ester, Testosterone Cypionate half-life is 8-12 days meaning that it could stay in your system for not less than twenty days. Due to its long half-life, Testosterone is widely used in testosterone replacement therapy. It is not administered frequently because a small amount of the drug remains active in the body for long, and this means that you will not have to get the injections now and then. Usually, it is delivered as an oil-soluble intramuscular injection.

2. Testosterone Cypionate dosage

Some factors determine the Testosterone Cypionate (58-20-8you are going to take. For instance, if you aim to pile up the muscles and to improve your athletic performance, you should take a dosage of between 100-200mg weekly. If you do not see any changes in your body within the first month of use, then you could increase your Testosterone Cypionate dosage. By now you have already seen if your body tolerates this drug well.

Many bodybuilders suffering from low testosterone levels due to the use of steroids opt to take Testosterone Cypionate to deal with the condition. For this condition, a dosage of 200mg-400mg is recommended. There are many discussions ongoing regarding whether having a larger dose fewer times is better than having smaller doses more times. To avoid severe side effects, lower doses that are administered frequently are a sure way of realizing results while being slow on the body. Nandrolone Decanoate Uses, Cycle, Dosage, and Shocking Results

Testosterone is considered as original and known to have a substantial effect even on its own. The Testosterone Cypionate bodybuilding benefits are only realized when one accompanies using this steroid together with an appropriate regime and having hard exercise. In other words, what this steroid does is to intensify the effort that a bodybuilder is putting in thus making it more effective. In case one is taking Testosterone Cypionate and not working out, then the body changes will be negligible.

A Testosterone Cypionate cycle is usually longer compared to other short esters anabolic steroids. It takes around 10-12 weeks with changes appearing between the 4th to sixth weeks. This is different with a short ester anabolic steroid cycle that takes 4-6 weeks with changes appearing between the second and the fourth week.

If you are running a Testosterone Cypionate cycle, you can take as high as 500mg-600mg per week. This dosage usually is split into two injections probably administered on Monday and Thursday. Once the dosage is halved, you get 250mg or 300mg twice a week.

For beginners, it is advisable that they take 250mg weekly, split to twice a week to get 175mg every two days a week.


Post cycle therapy is as important as the cycle itself. Once done running a Testosterone Cypionate cycle, you ought to have this therapy. The reason for having it is to ensure is to have your body restored to where it was before running the cycle. Clomid and Nolvadex are the widely used drugs that help to kick start the production of Testosterone in the body.



Testosterone Cypionate Everything a Bodybuilder Should Know


3. Testosterone Cypionate cycle

Nowadays Testosterone Cypionate is the go-to steroids in the world of bodybuilding. No better steroid builds mass as this steroid does. Health and fitness enthusiasts prefer using this steroid because it has an androgenic/anabolic rating of 100. The high rating means that Testosterone Cypionate benefits are many ranging from muscle strength, function and size.

During a Testosterone Cypionate cycle, you either run it alone or stack it together with other steroids. It is very convenient because it is compatible and could be used with literally everything to help you achieve your body goals. The only exception comes in when you have to consider the other steroid half-life. Testosterone Cypionate stacks better with anabolic steroids that possess similar release rates and half-lives. For example, Testosterone is more convenient stacking with Trenbolone Enanthate than Trenbolone Acetate regarding administration and injection schedule. Trenbolone Acetate has a half-life of three days while that of Testosterone Cypionate is twelve days and will, therefore, be hard for you while planning when to take both steroids. When choosing steroids to stack with Testosterone Cypionate, you should put into consideration the half-lives of both the steroids. The similar they are the easier it will be for you. With this, you can administer both at the same time and with the same frequency. Methenolone Enanthate vs Methenolone Acetate – Best Cutting Steroid

However, some bodybuilders love stacking it with a faster acting steroid to be able to kick-start the results before the 4-6 weeks that one starts noticing Testosterone Cypionate effect.

Beginner cycle

Week 1-week10

Take 150-250mg of Testosterone Cypionate twice a week. It could be on Monday and Thursday.

Week1-week 11

Take 5mg of Arimidex every three days

As from week 4 take 500iu HCG after every four days. (if necessary)


Week 12– Take 100mg of Clomid and 20mg of Nolvadex.

Week 13 to week 15– Take 50mg of Clomid and 20mg of Nolvadex.

This cycle is mostly known as the basic Testosterone Cypionate cycle and is the best for anyone planning to use Testosterone Cypionate for the first time. Any first-time anabolic steroid cycle should contain testosterone only. One can go for any testosterone variant that suits them, and in our case, we choose to use Testosterone Cypionate. Testosterone is the safest anabolic steroid for a beginner to use because the body naturally produces it and could be a great way of gauging how their body reacts with its use. If your body responds negatively with this testosterone only cycle, it shows that you could suffer from very severe side effects if you chose to use other compounds. It is at this point that you can tell if your body can tolerate steroids and graduate to the intermediate cycle.

Intermediate cycle

Week 1 to week 12-Take 600mg of Testosterone Cypionate

100mg/each other day of Trenbolone Acetate

50mg/each other day of Winstrol

0.5mg/each other day of Armidex


Week 1 to week 12-Take 500mg Testosterone Cypionate per week

Take 400mg of Nandrolone Decanoate (Deca Durabolin)

Per week

Week 1-week 4-Take 25mg per day Dianabol

These are the commonly used stacks used for Testosterone Cypionate bodybuilding. Many bodybuilders confuse it to being the beginner’s cycle, but it is best suited for intermediate users who have tested how their bodies respond to the use of anabolic steroids. As explained above anyone who is using steroids for the first time needs to start with testosterone only cycle otherwise he/she might have hazardous side effects and may not be able to tell the specific compound that caused it.

Hardcore/Advanced cycle

Week 1 to week 12-Take 100mg of Testosterone Cypionate weekly

Week 1 to week 6– Take 50mg of Trenbolone daily or 600mg weekly.


In this advanced cycle, you notice that the Testosterone Cypionate dosage is at the minimum. The reason for this is because Testosterone Cypionate is used for Testosterone Replacement Therapy and the dosage is to ensure that there is enough testosterone in the body even without its natural production. Once the body has normal testosterone levels, there is the control of estrogen levels too. As a result, there is no need of using an aromatase inhibitor. That is because there is a lower rate of testosterone aromatizing to estrogen.

Consequently, Trenbolone Enanthate can provide for muscle growth all through the cycle. It is, however, good to note that Trenbolone Enanthate should never be used by a beginner. The advanced cycle could be used as a cutting cycle, a lean mass cycle, and a bulking cycle.


Testosterone Cypionate Everything a Bodybuilder Should Know


4. Testosterone Cypionate results

Everyone who has used this steroid raves about its power and no wonder it is considered as one of the greatest steroids in the world today. Another thing that makes it a darling to many is because it gives impressive results within a short time.

To get the maximum benefits from the use of Testosterone Cypionate, you have to use the correct dosage. By doing this, you get the same results as those that you would get from using a potent anabolic steroid. After running a twelve-week cycle, many people have noticed these changes.

  • Increased stamina.
  • Enhanced fat loss potential that is achieved through the inhibition of estrogen
  • Faster repairing of the muscles
  • Massive muscle gain
  • Increased strength

As many of us would expect, an average person who is using Testosterone Cypionate will get better results from bodybuilding compared to one who is not using anything. What will surprise you is the degree of difference that the two groups of people can register if we decided to compare the two. Here is one of the studies done that show the difference clearly;

The study

The twelve-week research involved a group of forty-five men who have normal body weight and who are between twenty and forty years. All men had a certain degree of weight training involvement. They were then placed into four groups as follows;

  • Group 1-The first group did not receive any Testosterone Cypionate dosageand did not engage in any form of exercise.
  • Group 2-This group did not undertake any form of physical training but received a dosage of 500mg of Testosterone Cypionateevery week. (Used the steroid without working out)
  • Group 3-This group did exercise but did not use Testosterone Cypionate. ( Only did weight training)
  • Group 4– This is the group that exercised and also got a weekly injection of 500mg of Testosterone Cypionate.

In this study, all the diet intake everyone in the group was standardized according to one’s body weight. It was the recorded, confirmed and adjusted when necessary. For the groups that were weight training, i.e., group 3 and 4, all workouts were supervised weekly.

That means that the only difference between those groups is that some were weight training while some were not. Others were also using Testosterone Cypionate while some were not. Every other factor including diet and exercise were constant.

The results

The following was noted after the period;

  • Group 1-You can already guess what happened. With no exercise and steroid, there was no change in the body.
  • Group 2– With the use of Testosterone Cypionateand no exercise members were able to gain around 14lbs of muscle.
  • Group 3– With exercise and no use of Testosterone Cypionate, members gained 8lbs of muscle.
  • Group 4- Believe it or not, exercise and the use of Testosterone Cypionateadded group four members a whopping 25 lbs.

It is no surprise that any average bodybuilder who is using Testosterone Cypionate will get better results regarding improvement in performance and building muscles compared to one who doesn’t use this steroid.

5. Testosterone Cypionate half-life

Compared to the other two Testosterone variants, Testosterone Cypionate half-life is the longest due to the larger ester attached. What this means is that once you inject it, it takes the body a longer period to break it down and during the same period it is usually released into the bloodstream slowly.

The Testosterone Cypionate half-life is around 8-12 days which is slightly longer than that of Testosterone Enanthate. Compared to the half-life of both Testosterone suspension and Propionate there is a massive difference in their half-lives. Testosterone Cypionate is detectable in the body for a more extended period, i.e., three months.

6. Testosterone Cypionate for cutting

A cutting cycle is one that one wants to shed weight and get as lean as they can. Many people have sought for this before hitting the beach or indulging in a competition. Typically, a cutting cycle takes about twelve to sixteen weeks. During this time, most bodybuilders go for steroids with many preferring to use Testosterone Cypionate, Winstrol, Anavar, or Trenbolone.

Other than choosing the right steroid, your diet and cardio have to be perfect. Many people fail to achieve what they want by thinking that one can do a cutting cycle without training. Running, mountain climbing, skiing are just some of the things that will speed up your Testosterone Cypionate cutting results.

The diet should have fewer calories, and a ketogenic one would do wonders on your body. You cannot be putting all your resources and effort having the Testosterone Cypionate jabs, yet you are taking in additional calories than your body needs and expecting to reduce on body fat.

Buy Testosterone Cypionate from us and try it in your cutting cycle. Your muscles will remain intact, and all the unwanted fat will melt away.

7. Testosterone Cypionate for bulking

A bulking cycle is one that bodybuilders use to increase the size of their muscles. If you want to pack on muscles and do not know what to do, then you should take a look at this;

A cycle whose aim is bulking your muscles has to have the following three things.

  • Supplementation
  • Workouts
  • Diet

On matters diet, you have to take in more calories than what your body uses. You, therefore, need to know your calorie expenditure and ensure that you are not taking too little or in excess. To be able to do this, you need to calculate the number of calories that you need to take in per day and divide it with the number of meals that you eat in a day.

Where should you expect to get the calories from?

  • Carbohydrates-40%
  • Fats-20%
  • Protein-40%

When it comes to physical exercise, you have to be doing it at least four times a week. Since you want to gain quality muscle, you ought to take part in strength training because it plays an essential role in increasing the size of your muscles.

On supplementation, Testosterone Cypionate is the best steroid cycle that you could choose to use while bulking. The bulking steroid stack that many people use Testosterone Cypionate, Deca Durabolin and Dianabol.

Most bulking steroid cycles take about twelve weeks. Steroids that are short esters are taken for the first four to six weeks while Testosterone Cypionate is taken for rest of the twelve weeks with a dosage of about 500mg weekly. To get the best Testosterone Cypionate benefits, you have to make sure that you are taken the right dosage throughout the cycle.


Testosterone Cypionate Everything a Bodybuilder Should Know


8. Testosterone Cypionate benefits

The good physique and better performance benefits that Testosterone Cypionate offers makes it one of the best steroids that every bodybuilder should use. Here are some of the Testosterone Cypionate benefits;

Improved performance in the gym

Sometimes you may feel disillusioned with your training at the gym. Even when you know what you want, you might find it hard putting your energy to it. Fortunately, the use of Testosterone Cypionate will let you start training with higher intensity than you have been.

One thing that many bodybuilders do not understand is that having improved performance is what is going to make you reach your goals. No matter what your goal could be, having bigger muscles, losing the fat; improving your gym performance will move you a step forward towards your goal. Other than having more stamina, this steroid will make you always look forward to your training sessions making you have fewer off days. Having your gym sessions more frequently and training more is the ultimate way to accomplish what you want. As an outcome, you will achieve your results fast.

Muscle growth

Being both anabolic and androgenic, Testosterone Cypionate can help one in bulking up and building their muscles. Those who run a Testosterone Cypionate cycle can expect to gain as much as thirty pounds if they have been following a strict diet and are training too.

Testosterone Cypionate helps a bodybuilder gain muscles by increasing the rate of nitrogen retention in the muscles. For protein synthesis to occur nitrogen has to be there, and the protein aids in rebuilding and repairing the muscle tissue. When there is more protein synthesis in the body means then there will be more muscle growth.

It protects the bones and the joints. By boosting the production of collagen, you can be sure that your joints and bones will be in good condition.

It improves the rate of repair and recovery

One of the Testosterone Cypionate benefits is that it promotes the muscles’ cell activity. When working out, some muscles may get damaged, and these cells are vital in repairing the damage. In other words, Testosterone Cypionate prevents the destruction of tissues that may occur due to the effects of muscle catabolism. Consequently, you can work out for a prolonged period without getting too weakened or tired.

Testosterone Cypionate also promotes the production of red blood cells to allow for efficient delivery of oxygen into the muscles, and as a result, you can work out harder.

Increase sex drive

It may not be of help in your bodybuilding journey, but it is essential for your welfare. Unlike some steroids that might make you not feel like a man a bed, this one increases your libido. Taking Testosterone Cypionate will ensure that you are in the mood for it if you need to.

Increases the strength levels

Here is one more reason why you should take Testosterone Cypionate if you haven’t started. Having your strength levels move a notch higher isn’t something you can achieve so effortlessly. Running a Testosterone Cypionate cycle guarantees you that because it plays a significant role in the way a healthy muscle tissue functions. The muscles can contract more and the harder the contractions, the more the power generated and the stronger you become. Masteron Propionate or Masteron Enanthate? Which one is better for you?

Being stronger doesn’t just mean that you can lift more massive objects or you can now brag to your friends more, it means that you can now train harder and even more passionately. More training leads to better and bigger muscles, and this steroid increases the productivity of your workouts.

9. Test Cyp reviews

Thousands of bodybuilders have bought Testosterone Cypionate from us, and they have all gotten rejuvenated, energized and noticed that their libido has gone up. Almost all have experienced the real benefits that come with the use of this steroid. Here are a number of the reviews we have gotten from our clients;

Daiyu says, “It’s not long since I bought this for my husband. I heard about it at my workplace, and my colleagues were all raving at how this steroid has become the in thing in bodybuilding. He now says that he has noticed a boost in energy that lasts him the whole day. Having been in bodybuilding for years, he had lost psyche in training, but nowadays he trains once every two days. Testosterone Cypionate has benefitted him in the gym, and I would recommend it to any bodybuilder out there who feels like his training has gone south.”

Zhang says, “It has been a month since I ran the Testosterone Cypionate cycle. I have in the past used other bodybuilding supplements, but the Testosterone Cypionate gains are exceptional. I am more muscular than I was, and all my friends at the gym keep asking me what I am using. Even after completing the cycle my muscles are still visible, and that’s what makes me love this product even more. All my back and tummy fat are gone, and I can’t thank this product enough. I am buying it again and again.”

Wang lei says “My dietician recommended this for cutting because I needed to shed some weight after gaining a lot of fat during my second pregnancy. I thought it could be tough to lose it and I feared to lose my modeling career. After trying to burn the calories with shoulder lifts, head lifts and hundreds of squats without any change, I sought the advice of a dietician. He gave me a meal plan that has a healthy diet only and suggested that I should start using Testosterone Cypionate. Other than that, I continued working out and its now six weeks since I started following his advice. You might think that I am exaggerating, but my body looks better than it did ten years ago. The fat is all gone, and if asked to attend a competition today, I believe that I would emerge the best. You don’t have to break a lot of sweat with extreme bodyweight exercises alone, use Testosterone Cypionate and watch your body change to the dream body you’ve always been yearning for.”

Meifeng says “One may think that good customer care doesn’t exist in this era, but the truth is that it still does. I bumped into buyaas.com online as I was looking for the best site to buy Testosterone Cypionate online. Since they had positive reviews, I decided to give them a try. I ordered for the product and made all the payments. After some days, I noticed that I indicated the wrong location and couldn’t imagine that my money would go down the drain. You know the feeling that hits you when you have been eagerly waiting for your order to be delivered and then notice that it’s not going to happen. I felt like I was losing it and I had to act fast. I checked the shipping tracking information and noticed that the goods were still in transit. I thought to myself, what if I contacted the buyaas.com customer care? I immediately went to the “contact us” option and expressed my issue to the customer service representative. I was asked to produce my order number which I did, and within no time the issue was rectified. My package arrived within the next two days, and I will tell you about the results within the next seven weeks. The hassle was worth it, and I thank this company for handling my troubles. My experience with them proved that they are not after making a sale, but they also care about their customers. I will be shopping here more frequently, not because their customer service is top notch but because they are genuine and I also trust them in matters quality.”

Bolin says” Since I turned forty, my life has not been the same again. I no longer have the zeal to go to the gym, and I am even too lazy at work. I used to walk to work as a way of exercising but even getting halfway has become a problem. I decided to use Testosterone Cypionate, and my life has taken a turn around. I feel strong, and my body is now leaner. I run to work and never get too tired to stay productive for the rest of the day. I thought that my libido would go down, but it has gone up. This product is awesome, and I will be buying more once my stock runs out.”

Guozhi says “I own a gym and I am a trainer too. I always meet bodybuilders whose gains have plateaued. Being quite experienced in this field, I know supplements that work and those that will only waste your money and time. I always ask them to buy Testosterone Cypionate from buyaas.com if they want to pack on muscles and maintain that shape. Almost all my clients have come back to thank me due to the changes they have noticed on their bodies. Most of them have more physical energy, strength and muscle mass. Not only do I tell others about Testosterone Cypionate but I also use it myself. Ever since I started using this steroid, I have not missed any training session with my clients. I always feel energized even after working out till late. I would ask any fitness junkie to purchase this if they want to look and feel good.”

Jie says “I decided to surprise my brother with this product during his graduation and he still thanks me to date. Having struggled so much with his studies, he used to eat a lot and as a result gained a lot of weight especially in the upper body. His self-esteem got crushed, and he avoided going for interviews because he did not have enough confidence. I desired to give him something that could not only make him happy but also change his life positively. I settled for this because I felt that it would up his body game and also give him the confidence that he needs every day. True to it, my brother has lost almost all the body fat. His confidence is back, and he just landed himself a government job. I would like to appreciate buyaas.com for giving me the opportunity to change my brother’s life.”

10.Testosterone Cyp for sale

It feels like a superhero when you are on a productive cycle. Even better when you go to the gym and can work out all you want. And when your muscles start popping up, your confidence goes through the roof. The most exciting thing about it is that you can preserve almost all your gains even after the cycle with a proper PCT. But where do you start? You have to buy Testosterone Cypionate and incorporate it into your bodybuilding journey.

Where do you buy Testosterone Cypionate? There are many avenues that you can get it even when you consider to buy Testosterone Cypionate online. The advantage that comes with doing your shopping online is that it is quite stress-free and very convenient. Moreover, it saves you the time and resources of walking from one store to another searching for your preferred steroid. At the comfort of your sit, you can order Testosterone Cypionate and get it without everyone having to know what you just ordered for.

If you are a serious bodybuilder or want to add on muscles, you already know that buying steroids from a respectable site is very crucial. With the benefits and risks that they bring on the table, you have to choose a site wisely to ensure that you do not get an adulterated steroid that will give you fewer benefits and more side effects. To avoid falling prey of such tricks, you should know exactly where you can lay your hands on pure Testosterone Cypionate.

Thousands of bodybuilders are going through the same process of trying to locate a good Testosterone Cypionate supplier without putting their health in jeopardy. It may seem almost impossible to identify a Testosterone Cypionate manufacturer whom you can trust in but believe in but believe it or not, you just found one.

Buyaas.com is the place where you buy good quality Testosterone Cypionate and get it shipped to your office, school or home fast and safe. It is a genuine and reliable site where you can also buy Testosterone Cypionate in bulk. In our site we pay attention to every client and ensure that we deliver the exact quantity and quality of the steroids that he/she ordered for.

Our committed team works hard to ensure that not only do you have peace of mind throughout the buying process but you also get to enjoy the fast and pleasant service. Even better, our services are provided at an affordable cost ensuring that we walk with you throughout your bodybuilding journey without you having to dig into your pockets deeper. Order from us today and experience first-class service.

11.Testo Cypionate vs. Test Enanthate for bodybuilding

In your search for a good steroid, you’ve probably come across Testosterone Enanthate and might be wondering what the dissimilarity between the two is. The truth is there is no significant difference between the two. Even if both are used by bodybuilders to increase the level of Testosterone in the body, there is an ongoing debate on which steroid beats the other regarding power. Testosterone Enanthate is a European steroid while Testosterone Cypionate is English.

Today, there is only one difference that is proven, and that is the chemical makeup of both steroids. The difference comes in in the carbon ester chain whereby Test E has 7-carbons while Test C has 8-carbons. In other words, Test E is one carbon lighter than Cypionate. That is where the real variance comes in since Cypionate breaks down at a slower rate than Enanthate giving it a longer half-life than the latter.

Testosterone Cypionate has a longer active life while enanthate has a shorter one. Since Testosterone Cypionate remains effective in the body for about eight days, a bodybuilder only needs to have an injection once a week. For Enanthate, one has to get more frequent doses to enjoy the benefits.

Some bodybuilders swear that the Testosterone cypionate benefits are better since they provide more of them compared to what is offered by enanthate. Due to the high rate of water retention that cypionate provides, the muscles are more muscular, and the joints have better lubrication. Subsequently, one can work out more hence achieve even better results.

Some users have however complained about the irritation that comes with Injecting Testosterone Cypionate (58-20-8). Those who have used enanthate have found the experience to be more comfortable since it causes less pain and sensitivity on the injection site.



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