1. What is Testosterone decanoate? How does it work?

Testosterone decanoate (5721-91-5) is among the most used steroids on the market by athletes and bodybuilders. The drug is mostly sold under different brands names in various markets, but Neotest 250 has stood out as the most known testosterone decanoate brand. This drug was initially manufactured as a veterinary drug before it was realized it could help bodybuilders to achieve their career goals. Neotest 250 is produced and combined with a single large ester derived from the testosterone decanoate. Actually, this single ester compound is among the largest esters on the market today, and you can only get it as part of a combined mix. The Neotest single ester supplement is used as part of a majority of various testosterone blends such as Omnadren and Sustanon 250 to mention a few. Today, it can be hard for you to find Neotest 250 on the market.

How does it work?

As mentioned earlier, decanoate is a long ester that is usually attached to various anabolic steroids to enable them to deliver quality results and stay in your body system for a more extended period. Testosterone decanoate (5721-91-5) is an injectable anabolic steroid that means you will have to inject your dosage within the stipulated intervals by your doctor for the entire cycle. Esters don’t interfere with the abilities and functions of testosterone, but it only enables the compound to act for a more extended period. Long esters translate to longer testosterone active half-life in your body while the short esters mean that the drug will have a short active life. The speed at which testosterone decanoate is released in your body ensures a consistent and steady supply for the testosterone hormone and becomes active after just one injection.

Testosterone decanoate(5721-91-5) has an androgenic score of 100/100. These ratings or scores are used in measuring the strength of every anabolic steroid on the market. This steroid has a long and moderate active half-life when injected into your body system than the testosterone cypionate which is said to offer similar results. Therefore, these properties make Neotest 250 the best solution to the treatment of testosterone deficiency. Another best part of the testosterone decanoate is that once injected; your body cannot differentiate it from the natural one meaning you will enjoy excellent results by the end of your cycle.

The drug operates just like the natural testosterone hormone which enhances men characteristics such as the growth of beards, deepening of voice and building of muscles among others. Testosterone hormone is also responsible for the sexual drive more so on men and is recommended for patients who have erectile dysfunction or impotence. However, the natural testosterone hormone might not be enough to enable athletes or bodybuilders to gain the desired body strength and muscles. That’s the reason why many athletes prefer taking steroids to improve the testosterone hormone production in the body. Accompanying your testosterone decanoate dosage with proper diet and workout could make it easy for you to attain your goals within the shortest time possible.

The most common testosterone decanoate(5721-91-5) blends on the market are all developed to solve the low testosterone hormone problem. The original Omnadren had Caproate ester instead of the decanoate ester, but the current blend contains testosterone decanoate ester after the realization that it’s more effective and is mixed with a 1ml ampule. That brings the Neotest compound total dosage to 250mg, and the breakdown is as follows;

  • Testosterone decanoate-100mg
  • Testosterone Phenylpropionate -60mg
  • Testosterone Propionate – 30mgs
  • Testosterone Isocaproate – 60mgs

Another interesting fact about Neotest supplement is that it’s made for enhancing performance, unlike the primary testosterone decanoate which was mainly intended to help patients with low testosterone production problems.  However, even if no known manufacturer is producing Neotest 250, its functions are exactly what every athlete and bodybuilder is looking for to excel in his/her sporting career. Testosterone decanoate is an excellent supplement that helps in improving the red blood cells production in your body, enhance nitrogen retention as well as improve protein synthesis.

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2. Testosterone decanoate Uses

Initially, when the drug was manufactured in Mexico, it was used for veterinary purposes, but today the compound is used by human beings. Testosterone has been essential in both the medical and sporting world.  Bodybuilders have been using the compound for many years, and it has proven to be excellent in providing quality muscles. Currently, despite the drug only being available on the underground labs, still attacks massive demand from the athletes as well as the doctors to treat patients with various low testosterone problems.

Men mainly use testosterone decanoate under prescription as a solution to low testosterone hormone production. Actually, the compound is used in the testosterone replacement therapy to help male patients recover and get back to a quality life. Lack of testosterone hormone in the body can lead to various problems such as low libido, impotence or even erectile dysfunction as well as improve the levels of body fats being deposited on the chest and hips. There are many health problems more so in men that result from the low levels of testosterone hormone. When you are suffering from such issues, then your doctor will always recommend the use of testosterone decanoate.

On the other hand, testosterone decanoate is also used in the treatment of diseases that result in a reduction of muscle mass such as HIV/AIDS. Patients will need to build muscles as well as enhance their body strength. For many years, doctors have successfully used this anabolic steroid to help patients gain and maintain their muscles while under treatment for the primary disease. However, if you have this problem don’t just buy the drug even if you can easily access it before approval or prescription from your doctor. It also reported that testosterone decanoate could also help users improve their focus as well as solve the insomnia problem. As much as this anabolic steroid enhances the production of red blood cells, still it’s not clear whether the drug can help in the treatment of anemia. Some researchers are currently carrying out studies to determine if the compound can help anemic individuals.

In the sporting world, testosterone decanoate (5721-91-5) has proved to be effective in helping athletes and bodybuilders achieve their career goals. Lack of enough body strength is the main reason why many athletes are unable to compete effectively or even win their competitions. However, testosterone decanoate has proved to be a blessing to many elite athletes. For bodybuilders who wish to gain quality muscles and strength to work out properly, this drug is what they need. When appropriately stacked or accompanied by proper diet and training, it delivers quality muscle mass. The drug can improve nitrogen retention in your muscles, which is an excellent ingredient for quality muscle development.

In addition, testosterone decanoate also enhances the production of red blood cells which in turn ensures there is a steady supply of nutrients to the muscles. Normally, when you work out for long especially in the bulking cycles, your muscles might tear or stretch resulting in some pains. However, the steady supply of nutrients ensures that the body tissues heal naturally and within the shortest time possible. This also helps in muscle mass development and improvement of the overall body strength. If your joints or muscle pains have prolonged than usual inform your doctor in good time. Make sure that your nutritionist and trainer are also aware that you are using testosterone decanoate or any other steroid.


The Ultimate Guide to Testosterone decanoate for Bodybuilding


3. Testosterone decanoate dosage

Currently, it’s tough to find testosterone decanoate dosage as a sole supplement since there is on known manufacturer on the market. The compound is mostly found as a blend or mix of another testosterone compound. It will, therefore, be hard for your doctor to prescribe testosterone decanoate alone unless you use another compound that contains the supplement as part of the ingredients. Looking for the Neotest 250 on the underground labs or black market you might have a hard time since many labs rarely have the drug. Thus, it’s advisable to look for testosterone decanoate as a blend with Sustanon or Omnadren.  On the other hand, you can easily get the testosterone decanoate online from reliable manufacturers or vendors. Do your research to understand how the vendor or manufacturer operates to avoid disappointments.

All in all, after getting the drug make sure the dosage is around 500mg per week more so if you wish to enhance your overall performance. The dosage will also be enough for the patients experiencing low testosterone symptoms. If your body is used to Neotest 250, your doctor can advise you to take higher dosages ranging from 750mg to 100mg per week. Majority of the Neotest 250 male users take a minimum of 500mg per week while others take higher than that; it all depends on your body tolerance. However, it’s advisable that you consult with your doctor to help you set the right dosage for you. Sometimes, the drug users can take low dosages and experience severe side effects which force the doctor to lower the dosage further.

It is also possible for some users to take higher dosages and still fail to experience the desired results. Human bodies are different, and that’s why it’s essential to go for a medical checkup before and after taking testosterone decanoate. There are also other users who experience severe side effects when they take higher Neotest 250 dosages. Stick to the stipulated dosage by your doctor and also ensure that you take the injections correctly. If you are not sure about injecting yourself, inform your doctor to train you how to administer the drug. Unprofessional injection administration could lead to health complications. Neotest 250 could also be an excellent choice for athletes suffering from testosterone suppression which results from the use of other anabolic steroids. Here a dosage of 250mgs per 7/10 days will be enough to get the hormones back on the right track.

The testosterone decanoate injections could be painful, but that should not be a problem since you understand what you wish to achieve by the end of the cycle. You can rotate the injection areas to avoid chronic pains, but your doctor can also provide you with some medications to help you control the injection area pains. However, you will only need to inject yourself once in a week since it’s a long ester drug. That will give you enough time to recover before taking the next injection. In case the pains persist, inform your doctor immediately. To be safe also, make sure you stick to the instructions given by your medic and ensure you go for regular medical examination while pursuing your cycle.

4. Testosterone decanoate cycle

Your doctor would be the right person to set the proper testosterone decanoate dosage and cycle depending on what you want to achieve. In many cases, the average cycle ranges from 8 to 12 weeks or more. Those using the drug for medical purposes are mostly likely to use the steroid for shorter cycles of 8 to about 10 weeks. On the other hand, athletes and bodybuilders who aim at gaining mass muscles at the end of the cycle will have to go for the maximum cycles of 12 weeks and sometimes the doctor can increase the cycle for better results.

Other factors could also affect the length of the cycle such as the testosterone blend you are using, and another anabolic steroid you are taking at the same time. However, the lack of known testosterone decanoate manufacturer is also another challenge that many users get since they have to rely heavily on their doctors for cycle and dosage setting. In case you don’t experience the desired results for the set cycle, inform your doctor to extend it for some weeks or even increase the dosage. However, it is reported that the more dosage you take, the higher the risks of experiencing side effects. Achieving your goals means that you must sacrifice and the testosterone decanoate side effects can be tolerable bearing in mind the positive results you aim to get by the end of the day.

5.Testosterone decanoate results

Just like other drugs, testosterone decanoate delivers both positive and negative results depending on how it will react with your body. Some users are pleased with compound more so the athletes who are the biggest beneficiaries of a majority of the anabolic steroids. When you overdose or the anabolic steroid fails to work for you, there are high chances of experiencing severe side effects which will be discussed later in this article. There is no doubt that testosterone decanoate is a potent supplement that is mostly found in various testosterone blends.

Positive testosterone decanoate results?

This anabolic steroid has proved to deliver positive results when used in both medical and in sporting world. The users enjoy the following benefits by the end of the cycle;

In Medical World

This product mostly affects the users’ testosterone levels. If the user has a low testosterone level, it means that their bodies are not producing enough of this hormone naturally. Low testosterone condition results from various effects and comes with various symptoms such as loss of sexual interest, erectile dysfunction, and depression, losing focus for some time, lack of sleep, mass muscle reduction and loss of body strength among other symptoms. If you experience any of these symptoms, the chances are that you are having low testosterone condition, something that can be treated by using Testosterone decanoate. It will increase the level of active testosterone and eliminate the symptoms mentioned above.

By taking Testosterone decanoate, you will be eliminating the risks of developing Alzheimer’s, heart disease, Prostate cancer, and osteoporosis. It is a perfect remedy to get rid of the situation and restore your body to its natural functioning. Many doctors will prescribe the usage of testosterone decanoate for any patient found with these diseases. This anabolic steroid has been a blessing in the medical world since it was discovered that it could be of great help in treating various low testosterone symptoms.

In Sporting World

For sports athletes or bodybuilders who wish to enhance their performance, this supplement is excellent both for the of-season and season athletes. For starters, it will help them in the development of lean muscle mass, and they will grow stronger each day. The product also helps in the body at a loss, which is excellent for the off-season athletes as it helps them maintain their physique without worrying that they could lose muscle mass. Testosterone decanoate bodybuilding is essential in both cutting and bulking cycles. The drug promotes nitrogen retention which keeps your muscles intact in cutting cycles when you are cutting the excess body fats. In bulking when you need to add some pounds or muscles, the drug boosts the muscle growth.

The best results to expect after using the supplement is better dieting and cutting phase. This is by allowing the athletes to diet without losing their lean muscle. Also, they can cut fat aster due to a faster metabolism. The steroid also increases the production of red blood cells which means your tissues will get a steady supply of nutrients for easy growth and natural repair. High levels of testosterone hormone in the body of an athlete are very vital in enabling him/her to attain the desired results.

The bottom line is that after taking Testosterone Decanoate will result in increased testosterone levels. The apparent results that every bodybuilder or athlete should expect from this steroid are the increased lean muscles mass, increased strength, and enhanced recovery rate. Therefore, you should ensure that you stick to the right dosage, diet, and workout for better results.

Negative results

Other than the positive results, some users may experience a few testosterone decanoate side effects if the products are misused or in the inappropriate dosage. Or users with low testosterone condition, experiencing side effects and complications is rare as they will only be replacing the same level of testosterone that their body should have produced. In many cases, the side effects are as a result of overdosing or taking the drug without going for medical examination. Not everybody can use the testosterone decanoate since some conditions such as heart attack, high blood pressure among other problems should bar you from using any steroids. Some of the most common testosterone decanoate side effects include;

  • Headaches
  • Androgenic side effects
  • Cardiovascular problems
  • Suppression of natural endogenous testosterone production
  • Acne
  • Hair loss
  • Dry mouth
  • Breast enlargement in male


The Ultimate Guide to Testosterone decanoate for Bodybuilding


6.Testosterone decanoate half life

This supplement has a half-life of 8days. This means that after using it, it will take around eight days before half of it gets out of your body system. This is an advantage since by eight days; it means that the drug will have enough time to perform its intended purpose in the body. The full life will be approximately 16 days, meaning that users will need to wait for that long to retake a full dosage. Therefore, you will only need to take the dosage once in a week which is good news since it’s an injectable drug. Before the week ends the injection area will be already healed, and you will be ready for the next dosage.

7.Testosterone decanoate benefits

From the results, it is clear that this product comes with Testosterone decanoate benefits to users which include;

It helps in weight loss

One of the reasons why this supplement is preferred is due to its ability to aid in losing body without losing lean muscle mass. It does so by enhancing the metabolism level thus helping users to lose fat faster. Also, it is perfect for dieting as it makes users feel full longer. One of the leading causes of excess body weight is overeating and eating when not necessary an issue that can be eliminated by taking decanoate benefits.

Enhances better sexual performance

For those males with sexual performance problems such as loss of sexual interest or experiencing erectile dysfunction, this supplement has proven to perform wonders, and those that have used it before confirmed that it could quickly turn such problems around.

It enhances performance

This supplement is excellent in improving performance in athletes and bodybuilders. It does so by increasing the level of testosterone, which is essential for enhancing endurance even during stressing activities.

Good for the cutting phase

Decanoate is suitable for the cutting phase. This is because it allows users to go through the cycle without losing their lean muscles. The goal of athletes and bodybuilders is to cut off excess fats and body weight while maintaining a good physique, and that is precisely what they get from using this steroid. Testosterone decanoate promotes nitrogen retention which ensures that you don’t lose your gained muscles while in the cutting cycle.

8.Testosterone decanoate reviews

Those who have used this product previously have reviewed it as a beneficial supplement and had helped them see lots of changes through the cycles. Most of them said that the supplement had helped them regain their sexual interest, something that they had been struggling with for a long time. Others said that it is through decanoate that they managed to go through their dieting and cutting phase, something that they could not do before without getting temptations to go back to their bad eating habits. Most are those that praised this supplement for its fast results and how long it stayed in the body. Athletes loved it for how it had helped them improve their performance in the fields, and did not get tired fast like before.

Only a few users complained of dry mouth, acne, mild headaches, and erectile dysfunction. Those who complained of these side effects admitted that they had misused the drug and others used the drug without going for a medical examination.

9.Testosterone decanoate for sale

Although this drug is not openly sold on the market, you can easily buy Testosterone decanoate online. You can also buy it directly Testosterone decanoate for sale if you can access them, talk to them directly and with this, you are assured that you will be getting quality Testosterone decanoate. However, you should note that with the increased demand among many athletes and bodybuilders, there has been an increase in vendors. Some of them are scammers and will take advantage of you if you are not careful enough to find a legit seller.

You should do some research on the properties of this supplement to ensure that you are not getting imitations. In most states, this supplement is classified as a scheduled drug, which is controlled under the necessary authorization and you should, therefore, be cautious to avoid getting on the wrong side of the law. You may also buy Testosterone decanoate powder and make the syrup yourself for injection. There is the option of buy testosterone decanoate in bulk or just enough for your cycle.

Before trusting a particular Testosterone decanoate supplier, do some backup check to make sure that they are not a fraud. You can check online reviews to see what their previous customers are saying about their products or ask your friends or relatives that have used this product before so they can recommend their best seller to you. Note that purchasing this product without a prescription could be classified as breaking the law and you may find yourself in jail or you could face hefty fines.

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The Ultimate Guide to Testosterone decanoate for Bodybuilding


10.Testosterone decanoate VS Testosterone undecanoate for bodybuilding 

The results that you get from these two substances are quite similar, but Testosterone decanoate is more preferred due to its ability to give fast results and how efficient it is in the cutting and bulking cycles. It is useful for bodybuilders who are looking to maintain a good physique without losing muscles. It is also loved due to its minimal side effects if used appropriately. However, both compounds could also help you attain your career goals as a bodybuilder or an athlete.



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