1. What is Turinabol? How does it work?

Turinabol (2446-23-3) is an anabolic steroid that is developed through modification of the Dianabol. The steroid is produced by combining two chemical structures of Clostebol (4-chloretesterone) and Dianabol. That’s the reason behind Turinabol chemical name 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone. These chemical structure modifications have given the drug properties that make it stand out among other steroids such as being non-aromatizable and having a very minimal androgenic rating. This drug has a fascinating history behind it that explains its rise and disappearance on the market.

The Turinabol came into the market for the first time in 1962 after Jenapharm released it out of East Germany.  Within a few decades, the drug received high safety ratings not only in men but in women too and children in the medical world. Turinabol has proved to be effective in building lean muscles and protecting bone mass without presenting any severe side effects to its users. Due to the quality effects delivered by this drug, many people more so athletes and bodybuilders still consider Turinabol as their favorite steroid.

However, in the 1990s the drug was on the spotlight worldwide after the East German Doping Machine successfully used the drug to its Olympic athletes. After it was discovered that Oral Turinabol played a vital role in the East German scandal, Jenapharm discontinued the medication manufacturing in 1994. Two years later, Pharmaceutical powerhouse took over the Jenapharm but the company decided not to manufacture Turinabol again, and that’s how it disappeared on the market. Up to now, no known pharmaceutical firm is producing Oral Turinabol, and you can only get it from the underground laboratories or on the black market.

How does it work?

Just like other anabolic steroids, Turinabol(2446-23-3) has a positive effect on the nitrogen retention and protein synthesis as well as enhancing the production of red blood cells in your body. All these, properties are essential in improving your anabolic atmosphere. Typically, protein synthesis is the main component in muscle building with the synthesis being responsible for the rate at which your cells build proteins with the nitrogen retention playing an essential role in your lean tissue composition.

On the other hand, the red blood cells which are responsible for supplying your body tissues with oxygen via your blood. The more the red blood cells in your body system the steadier is the supply of oxygen and nutrients to different parts of the body enhancing muscle endurance. All these body activities are essential in your body as they improve muscle recovery as well as boost tissue growth. This is the reason why many athletes still prefer Oral Turinabol over other anabolic steroids.

Additionally, Turinabol is also known for lowering the Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG) which allows the testosterone to act freely in the body maximizing its effects. Besides, the drug keeps other steroids that you might be using active in the body and block them from binding with SHBG. Typically, if you stack Turinabol with other anabolic steroids, you can be sure to get maximum results since it suppresses the SHBG – thus giving you the results you desire by the end of the cycle.

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2. Turinabol Dosage

Oral Turinabol (2446-23-3) possesses an anabolic strength that is rated at 53 and a very minimal androgenic effect that rated at 6, this makes the drug superior when you compare the gains and the side effects it provides to its users.  Therefore, when taking this drug you will rarely experience aggression, acne or roid rage, but that doesn’t mean the effects are entirely absent. Some people will experience them depending on how their bodies react with this anabolic steroid. In comparison to parent Dianabol, Turinabol is a less potent steroid, and athletes or bodybuilders rarely consider it as a mass gaining supplement unless when used with other stronger anabolic steroids.

Oral Turinabol has about half of the Testosterone anabolic rating and its dosages range from 40 to 60mg per day; however, your doctor can advise you otherwise after examining your health condition. For the hardcore Turinabol users, the dosages can be as high as 80 or 100mgs per day. Some bodybuilders claim that the drug’s side effects might rise when you take high dosages, but the good thing is that the gains remain constant.

In the medical world, the Turinabol dosages are usually low, and a male patient is advised to take around 5 to 10mg per day to gain the wasted muscles or bones. On the other hand, women patients take the lowest Turinabol dosage of only 1mg per day and if increases should not go beyond 2.5mg per day. The drug increases male characteristic in the body, and therefore, female users are always encouraged to take low dosages to avoid virilization.

The Turinabol beginners should also consider going for low dosages which can be adjusted later after the body gets used to the supplement. If you are new in steroids, you should not take more than 40gm of this steroid per day. Go for medical examination and your doctor will advise you accordingly as well as set the right Turinabol dosage for you. Don’t just purchase the drug and start using immediately without undergoing a medical checkup. This could lead to severe side effects that could be costly or hard to reverse.


An In-depth Review of Turinabol for bodybuilding


3. Turinabol cycle

Oral Turinabol is mostly stacked with other potent anabolic steroids due to its ability to suppress the SHBG and to block it from bonding with steroids. Thus, providing the testosterone in the body with an enabling environment to work comfortably and deliver maximum results to the user. As mentioned earlier, Tbol is not considered to be the most anabolic androgenic or anabolic, and that’s why many users prefer using it with other mass gaining supplements. Oral Turinabol makes a good mild anabolic steroid excellent for use during fat loss, cutting phases and pre-contest in bodybuilding.

The Oral Turinabol cycles could include the drug alone with dosages ranging from 40-60mgs daily for 6 to 8 weeks cycle. This dosage and cycle will be enough to provide you with lean muscles, boost your overall body strength as well as maintain your muscle mass. In the advanced Tbol stacking you can use other supplements such as Testosterone to synergize the effects. Your doctor can advise you to inject testosterone propionate dosage of 100mg the take oral Turinabol for a cycle of 8 weeks, that is if you want to gain quality lean muscles and remember to accompany the dosage with workouts and proper diet.

In Longer testosterone cycles such as when using testosterone Enanthate that goes for 12 weeks, you will have to introduce Oral Turinabol only for the first 4 to 6 weeks. In case of anything inform your doctor within the shortest time possible to reduce the dosage or provide another solution before the side effects get worse.

4. Turinabol results

Just like other steroids, Oral Turinabol (2446-23-3) delivers a mixture of results depending on how you use it and what you need to achieve. Some people have had the worst experience with this steroid while others they prefer Turinabol over another oral steroid. Over the years this anabolic steroid has been widely used either independently or stacked with more potent injectable steroids by athletes and bodybuilders. Till to date, this drug remains one of the most used oral steroids in both bulking and cutting cycles. Here are some of the positive results you can expect from this popular oral steroid;

a) Increase body strength

Majority of the Oral Turinabol users more so the bodybuilders, cyclists, and athletes have reported experiencing increased strength that enables them to work out for long hours as well as compete effectively. The reason why many athletes fail to achieve their career goals is lack of enough strength to take them through the training and in competitions too. However, if you use Turinabol properly, you can be sure of gaining more strength and achieve your career goals.

However, don’t overdose with a hope to get more strength; the dosage prescribed by your doctor is enough to deliver the results you desire. Overdosing will only increase the chances of experiencing severe side effects. You can also stack this oral steroid with other more potent Injectables for better results.

b) Increase Muscle Mass

If you are bodybuilder looking for a supplement that will help build your muscles, then you can go for Oral Turinabol. Taking the right dosage and stacking, the drug delivers quality lean muscles by the end of your cycle. The drug increases the red blood cells in your body which translates to the quality supply of nutrients and oxygen to your body tissues, thus stimulating muscles growth. On the other hand, the drug also helps fast tissues repair more so after intense workouts. Remember also to accompany the dosage with proper diet and involve your doctor in the whole process.

Update your doctor about how you are faring on after the first cycle. Let your doctor also help you choose the right stacking supplement depending on the results you want to achieve. Your nutritionists and trainer should also be aware that you are using the steroid for better results. You can expect to gain about 10lbs by the end of your cycle. The length of the Turinabol cycle and dosage will also play an essential role in determining the amount of lean muscles to gain among other results delivered by this drug.

c) Weight loss

Turinabol is one of the best cutting agents and many athletes and bodybuilders prefer it when they wish to get rid of excess body fats.  The drug will also protect you from lean muscle loss, and you will also experience muscle hardness. All you need here is to cut the extra body fats that are denying you the lean muscles and the looks you wish to have as a bodybuilder. However, there is no any measure to determine how much muscle hardness you will experience after using this steroid. However, still Turinabol is the best choice for many bodybuilders and athletes. You can also use Turinabol even if you are not an athlete to cut the excess body fats or watch your weight.

For women make sure you take low dosages for you to achieve maximum results as well as avoid experiencing severe Turinabol side effects. Stick to low dosages prescribed by your doctor. However, some women might need slightly higher dosages to get the desired results but let the doctor do the cycle and dosage adjustment.

d) Increases the Nitrogen Retention

This drug is also one of the few steroids with the ability to improve nitrogen retention in your muscles. Nitrogen is essential in enhancing muscle protection and growth. Therefore, when using this drug, you can be sure of gaining quality muscles. During the cutting cycle, the nitrogen ensures that you don’t lose the lean muscles together with the body fats. As an athlete, all you need is quality muscles and less fats, and that’s what makes Turinabol a great supplement in the sporting world. Some Injectables don’t allow the nitrogen retention in the muscles and it’s advisable that you accompany such steroids with oral Turinabol dosages.

Negative results 

Overdosing Turinabol will definitely result in severe side effects. Sometimes, even when you take low dosages, you can still experience the effects since human bodies are complicated.  That’s why medical checkup is always vital before you start using anabolic steroid. Many athletes or bodybuilders are usually carried away by peer pressure and purchase a drug because their colleagues are using them. Drugs react differently in various people; Turinabol might work for you but fail to favor your friend despite using the same dosage. Here are some of the common Turinabol side effects;

(1) Estrogenic

The oral Turinabol doesn’t have any estrogenic side effects since it doesn’t aromatize, no progestin effects such as gynecomastia and you should also forget about excess water retention when using this drug. That makes Turinabol an excellent steroid for those people who want to avoid high blood pressure that result from steroid usage.

(2) Androgenic

Structurally, Oral Turinabol doesn’t show any signs of possessing androgenic effects that can be transferred to your body. However, since the drug is not manufactured by any pharmaceutical company and is only available in the underground labs, it can be hard to confirm whether it can expose you to androgenic effects or not. Some users complain of experiencing minor androgenic side effects such as hair loss, acne, and male pattern baldness. Human bodies are unique, and in case you notice any of unusual side effects contact your doctor immediately.

In women, the Turinabol effects are more visible than in men such as virilization which includes; deepening of the voice, clitoral enlargement, and growth of hair on the entire body. The side effects can also be controlled if you stop your cycle before the situations get worse. If you ignore the effects, they might become hard to reverse forcing you to stay the rest of your life with men’s characteristics which no woman can even dream of developing.

(3) Cardiovascular

Oral Turinabol has a significant impact on increasing LDL which is termed as bad cholesterol and lowering the HLD which is good cholesterol. These high levels of bad cholesterol are risky and can lead to cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, if you have high levels of cholesterol, you should consider staying away from this steroid. Alternatively, when using it ensure you do a lot of work out and take meals rich in omega fatty acids.  Taking large amounts of fish oils will also be a good idea.

(4) Testosterone

This steroid hurts your natural testosterone production unless you take it together with exogenous testosterone. However, after completing your dosage cycle, your body will continue producing testosterone hormone though in low quantities if you don’t include exogenous testosterone in your dosage. Low testosterone levels can lead to symptoms such as physical problems, sexual and sometimes mental. Therefore, it’s advisable to go for Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) after completing the Oral Turinabol cycle.

(5) Hepatotoxic

Just a majority of the oral steroids, Turinabol can be toxic to your liver, and you should ensure you accompany its cycle with cycle support products. Talk to your doctor and he/she will provide the best supplement to accompany the steroid dosage. However, you can also avoid this problem by taking the drug in low dosages and going for medical checkup regularly while and after completing the cycle


An In-depth Review of Turinabol for bodybuilding


5. Turinabol half life

Oral Turinabol remains one of the most potent oral steroids with a long half-life. The drug has an active half-life of 16 hours in your body and therefore, you only need to take the dosage once a day. There is no reason to split the dosage into two or three, and most doctors will also advise you to take it once a day. Majority of this steroid users prefer taking the Turinabol dosages as a pre-workout supplement to provide them with the strength they need to train appropriately more so the bodybuilders. Other users like administering the drug dosage with their first meal once they wake up. However, your doctor will advise you on the right dosage and the right time to take it for you to attain your desired results by the end of the cycle.

On the other hand, no one seems to be sure about how long the drug will be detectable in your body after completing your Turinabol cycle. Some reviews say that the drug can disappear in your body entirely after 12 months while other sellers say it’s only a matter of weeks before it gets out of your body system. If then, you are planning to use Turinabol and participate in your next competitions that don’t allow usage of steroids, make sure you consult with your doctor. Medical examination will also be essential after completing the cycle and also look for other remedies that could help the drug disappear in your body system within the shortest time possible.

6. Turinabol for cutting

Cutting cycles are significant for any steroid users because it helps you to get rid of the excess body fats that deny you the muscles you need. Turinabol makes a great cutting supplement because it increases the nitrogen retention in your tissues protecting them from being lost with the body fats. The supplement will also help you get hard and quality lean muscles as you work out towards losing the excess body fats. Body fats around the muscles, block them from being visible and hard even after they grow bigger. Thus, cutting cycles are almost a must for any bodybuilder or professional athlete.

Turinabol (2446-23-3) for cutting can also be stacked with other injectable steroids that also help in speeding up the fat loss process. Here, workouts and a proper diet will also play an essential role in the whole process of getting rid of excess body fats. Cutting cycle mostly is followed by the bulking cycles which sometimes add more fats in your body system. Talk to your doctor about the best way of administering this drug when you want to cut some weight.

7. Turinabol for bulking

Oral Turinabol is not a popular bulking steroid, but when used properly with other more potent injectable steroids it delivers quality results. The steroid will help you gain some pounds and quality muscles by the end of your cycle. However, what plays a significant role in the bulking cycles is the workout and proper diet. Using Turinabol with other potent steroids also will be a great idea since this oral steroid reduces the binding ability if SHBG which can make it hard for steroids to work freely in your body system.

Therefore, oral Turinabol will ensure that other bulking steroids are effective for better bulking results. However, when oral Turinabol is used alone can also help gain some muscles but not to the quantity needed by elite bodybuilders. Traditionally, many athletes consider using oral steroids with other potent supplements to help them attain their goals within the shortest time possible. Here, your doctor will be the best person to guide you in getting the best bulking injectable steroids that could deliver quality results when used alongside oral Turinabol.

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8. Turinabol benefits

Oral Turinabol is famous because of the results it delivers as well as the benefits to the steroid users. Here are some of the significant oral Turinabol benefits;

  • Longer half-life –compared to other oral steroids, Turinabol is among the few drugs with a longer half-life of 16 hours. Other oral steroids you must take the dosages like 2 or 3 times a day which is not the case when using Turinabol. You only need to take your dose once per day, and you are good to go.
  • Enhance muscle gain and body strength –the oral Turinabol users report that they were able to gain lean muscles and even after undertaking the cutting cycles the muscles remain intact. Also, many users report an increase in body strength that helps them work out for long hours and gain the desired results quickly.
  • No injections –for those who are not comfortable with the injectable steroids, Turinabol could make an excellent choice. This is an oral drug and having a long half-life, many people find it easy and comfortable to use since you only need to take one dose per day. The results are also evident more so when you accompany your dosage with proper diet and workouts.
  • Can be stacked with different anabolic steroids –what amazes many Turinabol users is its ability to work with various anabolic steroids more so the injectable ones. For both cutting and bulking cycles, you can stack Turinabol with other injectable supplements for better results. Involve your doctor so that he/she can design the best cycle and stack according to your desired results.
  • Can be used by both male and female –both primary genders can benefit from oral Turinabol use. However, females are advised to use low dosages to avoid virilization effects, but you can be sure of gaining body strength and quality lean and hard muscles. Beginners should start with low dosages which can be adjusted later as they progress to the next cycles. Taking more dosages than advised can be risky for your health and sometimes can result in severe side effects.
  • Therapeutic use –apart from Turinabol being essential in the sporting world, the drug has been exceptional in the medical field. Many patients suffering from diseases that result in muscle ware out, can use Turinabol to help them gain and maintain their bone and muscle health. Some of the Turinabol consumers more so the patients might not be aware that they are steroid users, but it delivers sound results.


An In-depth Review of Turinabol for bodybuilding


9. Turinabol reviews

Oral Turinabol has been receiving a mixture of reviews from the users, but it remains one of the most top rated oral steroids on the market. However, this is normal more so in the medical world where drugs react differently with different people. Some people enjoy the best part of this drug they use, but others might use the same drug and have the worst experience. The same applies to almost all steroids including oral Turinabol. For instance, bodybuilders and elite athletes have been giving this drug positive reviews as well as the excellent ratings after it helped them achieve their career goals.

Athletes praise the drug too for enabling them to build desired muscles and improve their body strength which in turn results in excellent results. In cutting cycles, the Turinabol has been said to be useful more so in the protection of muscles from wearing out with the body fats. On the other hand, other users praise the drug for helping them experience full results of the injectable steroids they stacked Turinabol with since it blocks SHBG from binding with the steroids being taken by the athlete.

In the medical world, many patients are happy as Turinabol has been of great help more so to those suffering from muscle and bone wasting diseases. The drug keeps the muscles intact and helps them develop, and reduce the effects of the disease on the body. However, there is a small percentage of users who complain of having a bad experience with the Turinabol — some report experiencing acne, hair loss and others (females) development of men effects. Human bodies are different, but the majority of these Turinabol side effects can be controlled by taking the right dosage and informing your doctor immediately you start experiencing any of the downsides mentioned.

10. Turinabol for sale

Sometimes you might have some challenges when you want to buy Turinabol in bulk or just enough for your dosage because there’s no known pharmaceutical company manufacturing it since 1996. However, the only option you have now is to buy Turinabol online from different reputable suppliers. Do your research properly to ensure that you get the drug from a reliable Turinabol manufacturer. You can still get the drug from the underground labs or black market, but you will not be sure of the quality.

Before you make your order on any online seller platform, first understand how your state law says about buying, importing or possessing anabolic steroids. For instance, in the US it’s illegal to buy or possess any anabolic steroid without a doctor’s prescription for medical use. No, reputable Turinabol supplier would like to put her customers at crossroads with their home governments. You can buy Turinabol Powder, or tablets on our platform but first consult your doctor, we make on-time deliveries, and our products are of high quality. Thus, you will be sure of excellent Turinabol gains.

11. Turinabol for bodybuilding – Summary

Typically, Turinabol has been a great product in bodybuilding and has helped many athletes attain their career goals. The drug has proven to be effective in both bulking and cutting cycles. Turinabol promotes muscles growth and overall body strength as well as improve tissue repair through the enhancement of red blood cells production. You can also stack Turinabol with other more potent steroids for better results. Turinabol half-life makes it more comfortable to take your dosages since you only need to take it once in a day.

In Cutting cycles, Turinabol gains are visible since it promotes nitrogen retention which protects your muscles from tearing and wasting. Intense workouts are known for stretching the muscles which sometimes can result in pains, but this drug helps in improving the tissue healing process. Sticking to the right dosage, involving your doctor, trainer and nutritionists are the best ways to experience maximum Turinabol (2446-23-3) gains. In case you notice any unfavorable changes while taking your dosage always contact your doctor within the shortest time possible.



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